About Color Powder Supply & What We Sell
Color Powder Supply is a top-quality provider of safe bulk color powder. These powders are available for a variety of uses, from community events, like fundraisers and religious celebrations, to joyous gatherings with family and friends, like color fights and gender reveals. We provide safe, beautiful products made from FDA-approved ingredients, so you can make your events more colorful while staying safe and healthy.

Color powder is increasingly popular for events of every kind. Color fights are fun activities for adults and children alike during family parties or summer get-togethers. Many charities also have begun to sponsor color walk-run fundraisers to raise awareness for their cause. Expecting parents are looking for new ways to announce the gender of their baby, and color explosions are a popular way to share the news about their latest addition. Regardless of how you intend to use our products, you can be sure to find beautiful, vibrant, and natural color powder on our website for all your needs.

Our color powder comes in a range of colors and package sizes, from individual packets to large bulk orders. Although color powder is used for all sorts of events these days, some people might not know how to get their hands on it. Some providers sell cheap color powders that are unsafe for people and the environment alike. However, with Color Powder Supply, you can be sure you are getting beautiful, safe, and environmentally friendly powder for all your events.