About Our Gender Reveal Powder

Are you planning a gender reveal party to celebrate the coming arrival of your child with family and friends – and announce whether you’ll add a boy or a girl to your family? Gender reveal parties are all the rage among new parents these days, and there are many ways to make yours unique and exciting not only for you as new parents but also for party guests. One way to keep things fun is by incorporating color powder into the reveal. Many couples have chosen to announce their child’s gender with color powder explosions, which are easy to put together yourself with our gender reveal powder and a few other ingredients.

How to Incorporate Color Powder into Your Gender Reveal Party

Using color powder in a gender reveal is a great way to up the excitement factor. If you decide that gender reveal powder is the route you want to take to celebrate, there are a few popular ways to incorporate it so that everyone has fun. For example, you can request that guests wear white shirts to the event; when it’s time to make the announcement, you can have gender reveal powder – either pink or blue – tossed on party guests to announce the gender. For a more explosive announcement, you can combine the pink or blue powder with tannerite to keep party guests on their toes.

When you choose Color Powder Supply Co. to supply the color powder for your gender reveal, you can rest assured in knowing that you’ll get the very best product available. What are you waiting for? Place your order today.