Purchase Orders

At ColorPowderSupply.com we are working hard to make your life easier. We know certain organizations have a purchasing process that includes using Purchase Orders. We recently updated our ordering system to work better with customers that are using Purchase Orders. 

How to Use the Purchase Order Payment Method

Step One

Create an account, or login to your account if you already have one.

Step Two

Fill up your cart with your desired products and head to the checkout page. Select the “Purchase Order” payment option upon checkout.

After Checkout

After checkout, you will receive detailed instructions on-screen and via email. 

An invoice will be created and emailed to you, you can use to create your PO. You will be given an opportunity to upload your PO immediately after checkout, or you can come back to your order at any time by logging in and going to the “Orders” page.

Once the Purchase Order has been uploaded, your order will be moved from status “Awaiting Purchase Order” to “Processing” and will be shipped out right away.

Your accounting department will then follow up with the check either after the color powder arrives or whenever it makes it through the approval process.