Is your color powder safe?

We strive to have the safest color powder available in the USA. Although it’s made of all food grade and cosmetic grade ingredients, it is not intended for consumption. Learn more about¬†color powder safety here.

Is your holi powder flammable?

No. Holi and color powder from Color Powder Supply Co. is certified OSHA approved non-flamable.

Can color powder or holi powder be used inside?

We do not recommend using color powder or holi powder indoors. Color powder is intended to be used outside.

Does your color powder clean easily?

Yes, our color powder is made of all natural ingredients and cleans easily. Most clothing and surfaces can be cleaned using water. Although we ensure our colors wash out very easy we advise you not to wear your best clothes or most expensive shoes. Leather and suede especially are known for easily absorbing colored powder.

How long does it take to ship once my order is placed?

Most orders can be fulfilled and sent to you on the next available shipment. For very large orders we ask for 30 days notice in advance.

Do you accepts purchase orders?

Yes. Please complete the purchase order request form and we will quickly provide a quote for your organization.

What is your return policy?

Yes, in fact, any unopened packages of color powder can be returned for 75% the purchase value.