Frequently Asked Questions

Payment and Shipping Information

Most orders are fulfilled and sent out within 1 workday of receiving the order. Shipping times typically take 2 – 4 business days. 

Larger orders (300+ pounds) may be shipped using LTL freight, which typically arrives in 3 – 7 business days. 

Shipments to Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska also take additional time and typically arrive in 3 – 7 business days.

We do accept returns. Any unopened packages of color powder can be returned for 75% the purchase value. The remaining 25% percent helps to cover shipping and handling costs.

Yes. There is a Purchase Order/Check payment option at checkout. Instructions will be provided upon placing the order. You can also reach out to [email protected] for assistance in using a Purchase Order.

Yes! We offer a few different discount options. You can view the entire list on our discount page.

Safety Information

We strive to have the safest color powder available in the USA. Our formula uses simple and 100% natural ingredients including Corn Starch and Natural dyes. It is free of harsh chemicals, heavy metals, and all other toxic ingredients. Although it’s made of all edible ingredients, it is not intended for consumption. Learn more about color powder safety here.

While all of our ingredients are natural and edible, the product is not intended for consumption. If you do ingest a small amount, do not be concerned, simply drink plenty of water.

Safety is our number one priority, so we do not use any harmful ingredients in our color powder. If you get a small amount in your eyes, simply flush with water. Suggesting that participants wear sunglasses or providing them at your event is a a great way to keep eyes safe.

Our color powder is very fine and dust will be in the air when using large amounts at events. Inhaling a small amount of color powder dust will result in colorful boogers, but isn’t harmful. Dust masks, bandanas, or gator masks can be used to help protect against dust inhalation. Those with respiratory issues should take precautions as they would around any other dust.

Ordering Details

As a general rule of thumb, 0.5 – 1lb per participant is a good amount for most events. For more specific calculations, please use our color powder event calculator.

Cleaning and Usage

Color powder can be used indoors in small amounts for art or photography projects. Color powder is NOT intended to be used for indoor events such as concerts, indoor holi celebrations, indoor walk/run fundraisers, or any other indoor event. For these types of events, an outdoor venue with plenty of ventilation is recommended.

Our color powder uses all natural dyes that clean easily off most surfaces. Cleaning is as easy as brushing or blowing off a majority of the color powder, then a little soap and water will take care of the rest.

While our color powder is made to be washable, the natural dyes do have the potential to stain certain materials or surfaces. Porous materials, such as vinyl, are more prone to staining. We recommend testing a small, hidden area when using color powder products if there are concerns.

Cleaning off your skin and hair is similar to dusting off dry dirt. Most of it can be removed by shaking and dusting yourself off. The remaining will go away with a bath or shower. 

Please note that fair skin and hair may be left with a slight tint for a day or two if heavily covered and left on for a long period of time. Additionally, please take extra care with chemically treated hair that may be prone to absorbing color by wearing a bandana or ball cap and dusting off while dry prior to washing with water. This will go away, of course, but maybe don’t participate if you have engagement photos the next day ; )

Most clothing can be washed as normal without staining. If staining occurs on white clothing, it can be cleaned with laundry whitener.

WD40 works to remove stained plastic or vinyl.

Porous surfaces such as leather, vinyl, suede, or foam products can be the most difficult to clean. Please do not wear valuable clothes or shoes to color powder events. Use plastic, towels, or drop cloths to cover interior car seats, golf cart seats, or anything else that you would normally protect from dirt or mud.

Cleaning from sidewalks, parking lots, grass fields, metal bleachers, and most other outdoor surfaces is very easy. If left alone, it will go away from exposure to the natural elements in a week or so. 

For immediate cleanup, disperse into the air with a leaf blower, and then hose down any remaining color powder from there. If it gets caked into the cracks of the concrete, a pressure washer or stiff broom can be used to remove it. 

Please use caution around expensive turf, track surfaces, vinyl bleacher seating and vinyl or TPO rooftop materials (such as those on press boxes). These materials and surfaces can be vulnerable to staining. Testing in an inconspicuous area is recommended.