Blue Color Powder Gender Reveal

blue color powder gender reveal

Having a baby boy is so exciting! There are many ways you can use blue color powder to reveal to your friends and family that a new little man is coming into their lives. Here are five ways to enjoy sharing the news with them. Blue Color Powder Toss it up Blue color powder in […]

Pink Color Powder Gender Reveal Ideas

pink color powder gender reveal

When it’s time to let your family and friends know the gender of your baby, there are some fun ways you can do it using color powder. Here are five ways to enjoy sharing the news with your tribe. Dark Balloon Pop With Pink Powder Inside Pink color powder inside of a giant reveal balloon […]

How to Plan a Virtual Color Run Fundraiser


How to Plan a Virtual Color Run Fundraiser Many in-person fundraisers have been cancelled or postponed due to COVID, but fortunately you can still host virtual fundraisers and have just as much success and fun. A virtual color run fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your cause while keeping everyone healthy. Our […]

How to Organize and Host a Color Run Successfully

How to Organize and Host a Color Run Successfully In recent years, hosting a Color Run has blown up and is one of the most exciting and engaging races casual runners to racing enthusiasts can enter. It’s unlike similar events in that there’s often no winner and no clock to beat. Instead, a Color Run […]

Red and Purple Color Powder Packets Now Available


Color Powder Supply has been a top supplier of color powder packets for all kinds of color events. From color race-runs to Holi festivals, there are tons of ways to use our color powder to make your events brighter and more colorful, making them a day to remember. We offer individual packets or bulk orders […]

3 Easy School Fundraisers Using Color Powder


There are tons of great ways to use color powder for school fundraisers. With the right tools, these events bring people together in an unforgettable way. This is a fun spin on ordinary fundraisers, such as bake sales and Christmas wreath auctions. Color powder makes it easy for kids and adults alike to have fun […]

Is Color Powder Safe?


Who doesn’t enjoy an event where color powder is being tossed into the air? With the addition of color powder to events such as music festivals, birthday parties, gender reveal parties, races, fundraising events, and more, guests will enjoy creating memories that will last for years. Fortunately, the Color Supply Co. offers a variety of […]

Hosting A Color Race-Run Is a Perfect School Fundraiser


Are you tired of organizing the same bland and over-done school fundraisers? Try something new this year, and host a color race-run. At the Color Powder Supply Co., we specialize in providing color race-run kits and other color powder products to make any color race-run fundraiser you plan a success. But what is a color […]

How to Host a Color Race-Run Fundraiser


Anyone who’s ever participated in a color race-run knows how much fun they can be. While running along a 5k route, participants are showered with vibrant hues of color powder by cheering spectators. It’s a fun event suitable for people of all skill levels and a great way to create lasting memories with friends and […]