Blue Color Powder 5 lb (Medium)


  • Bright Blue
  • One Individual 5lb Bag
  • Made Of All-Natural Ingredients
  • Fast Shipping


Blue Color Powder 5 Pound

Our 5-pound bag of blue color powder is the perfect addition to all your color events that are small to medium in size. There is no end to the options. You can host a color race-run fundraiser, celebrate at a local Holi festival, or announce the arrival of a baby boy. Whatever your plans are, our bulk order of blue color powder is the perfect way to add a pop of color.

Made Of All-Natural Ingredients

All our color products come from pure, natural ingredients, and our blue color powder is no different. Its ingredients come from nature, so you can be sure that they are safe and healthy. Our color powder is made from cornstarch, baking soda, and dyes from plants and berries. This way, you can be sure that it is completely safe for your skin and your airway. It also will not leave lasting stains on your clothing and can be washed off surfaces with water. Natural ingredients make it easy to clean up in no time after your colorful celebration.

The safety of our color powder makes it a top choice for events from gender reveals to Holi celebrations. Because our powder is food- and cosmetic-grade, it is FDA-certified and approved by OSHA. We aim to improve the safety of our color powder constantly so that it will be even safer for you to use at your events. Since all our products are naturally sourced, they are also safe for the environment. Our color powder is biodegradable and made from ingredients produced by the earth.

Discounts For Events And Organizations

At Color Powder Supply, another of our top priorities is saving our customers money. That is why we provide free shipping on orders of more than $50. You can take advantage of this great deal right from your first order. If you order from us a second time, you will receive our customer loyalty discount. This will give you 2 percent off your second purchase. The discounts only continue to climb, making them a great option for you if you plan regular color events.

What is more, if you have unopened color powder when your event is over, there is no reason for it to go to waste. Just ship it back to us, and Color Powder Supply will refund 75 percent of your order’s original price. These are some of the ways we make it easy for you to save money and live more sustainably by reducing waste.

Can Be Used In A Variety Of Ways

The ways to use our 5-pound bag of blue color powder are endless. You can host a fun color race-run to bring your community together. Stage a color war the next time you are at a family gathering for a fun activity adults and children alike will love. Put on a school fundraiser or take part in a neighborhood celebration of Holi, the Hindu festival of fertility.

People also love to use color powder for personal art projects or photo shoots. All it takes is a little creativity and this versatile product to make your next event or project unique. You can even add it into your family photos this year for a Christmas card that no one will forget. The ways to have fun with bulk blue color powder are endless.

An especially popular use of bulk blue color powder is to use it for a gender reveal. Gender reveals are becoming ever more popular. Parents love finding creative ways to announce their newest addition. There are many ways to have fun announcing the arrival of your baby boy. You can rain blue powder down on your guests, pop a powder balloon, or host a color fight in your surprise shade. You can host an intimate family event, post a video on social media, or take some family photos with a colorful explosion. Whatever way you make your announcement, our 5-pound blue color powder is the perfect choice for sharing your happy news with your loved ones. Since our color powder is all-natural, you can feel safe about using it around children and mothers-to-be.

Our 5-pound blue color powder is not only safe and beautiful; it is also affordable. At $24 for your order, you can be sure that you are getting a great deal. We also offer plenty of shipping options, so you can be sure you will get your order in time for your event. Whether you are having a celebration, a fundraiser, or a joyous announcement, our blue color powder is the perfect choice for your next event.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 2.25 in


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