Pink Sunglasses (12 Count)


  • Sold in Packs of 12.
  • Universal Fit
  • Solid Pink Color
  • UV 400 Protection
  • Classic Style
  • Free Shipping Over $50


Embrace the vibrancy of outdoor activities with the Pink Sunglasses from Color Powder Supply Co., the perfect accessory to add a pop of color and a layer of protection to your group’s ensemble. Available in packs of 12, these sunglasses are a fantastic choice for color runs, fundraisers, summer events, and more, offering both uniformity and style to participants of all ages.

The Pink Sunglasses feature a captivating all-pink design, ensuring your group stands out in any crowd. This monochromatic appeal is not only fashionable but also fosters a sense of unity and team spirit, making it easier for members to spot each other during busy events. The playful pink hue embodies the joy and excitement of participating in community activities, making these sunglasses a favorite among organizers and participants alike.

Safety is a key consideration for any outdoor event, and these sunglasses deliver by providing 100% UV protection. The lenses shield the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, a must-have feature for prolonged exposure to sunlight during outdoor gatherings. Additionally, the scratch-resistant lenses maintain their clarity and condition over time, ensuring that your investment continues to offer both style and protection event after event.

Constructed with non-toxic materials, the Pink Sunglasses from Color Powder Supply Co. are safe for wearers of all ages, providing peace of mind to organizers and parents. Although customization such as logo imprinting is not available, the vibrant pink color and classic silhouette of these sunglasses make a bold statement on their own. They enhance the visual impact of your group without the need for additional personalization, simplifying the preparation process for large events.

Whether you’re organizing a charity run, participating in a school fundraiser, or planning a summer festival, these Pink Sunglasses are an essential accessory for your event. They not only offer practical eye protection but also enhance the visual appeal and cohesion of your group. With a pack of 12, outfitting your team in matching, stylish sunglasses has never been easier. Let the Pink Sunglasses from Color Powder Supply Co. add a touch of fun and flair to your next outdoor event, ensuring it’s not only memorable but also visually stunning.


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