• 100% Natural Color Powder

    Color Powder Supply Co. is proud to offer color powder with 100% natural ingredients. The safety of you and your participants is important to us. Learn more about the ingredients and safety behind our products.

    100% Natural Color Powder
  • Make Your Gender Reveal Memorable

    Color Powder Supply Co. is proud to offer color powder with 100% natural ingredients. The safety of you and your participants is important to us. Learn more about the ingredients and safety behind our products.

    Make Your Gender Reveal Memorable
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    About Color Powder Supply

    Color Powder Supply is a top-quality provider of safe bulk color powder. These powders are available for a variety of uses, from community events, like fundraisers and religious celebrations, to joyous gatherings with family and friends, like color fights and gender reveals. We provide safe, beautiful products made from FDA-approved ingredients, so you can make your events more colorful while staying safe and healthy.


    About Color Powder

    Color powder is increasingly popular for events of every kind. Color fights are fun activities for adults and children alike during family parties or summer get-togethers. Many charities also have begun to sponsor color walk-run fundraisers to raise awareness for their cause. Expecting parents are looking for new ways to announce the gender of their baby, and color explosions are a popular way to share the news about their latest addition. Regardless of how you intend to use our products, you can be sure to find beautiful, vibrant, and safe color powder on our website for all your needs. Our color powder comes in a range of colors and package sizes, from individual packets to large bulk orders.

    Although the color powder is used for all sorts of events these days, some people might not know how to get their hands on it. Some providers sell cheap color powders with ingredients that are unsafe for people and the environment alike. However, with Color Powder Supply, you can be sure you are getting beautiful, safe, and environmentally friendly powder for all your events.

    Safe, Food Grade Ingredients

    We make our color powder using safe ingredients including cornstarch and naturally sourced dyes. This means that they are completely safe for you and your family. They are also completely biodegradable, which means they are also good for Mother Earth. It is our top priority to make sure that all our beautiful color products are safe for the environment and the people who use them. All of our color powders are made of FDA approved ingredients, and are OSHA-certified non-dust explosive. In addition, we always aim to continue to improve, so that our color powder is frequently tested and always being made safer. These high quality ingredients and high safety standards have made Color Powder Supply a favorite of many color race-run fundraisers and Holi festivals. We know that color events mean that people are exposed to a lot of powder. Our priority is to keep our products safe for your airway, skin, clothing, and mother earth, too.

    100% Natural

    Fast, Free Shipping & Other Discounts

    Color Powder Supply offers free shipping on orders over $50. This can be applied to any combination of color powder products ordered through our website. If you are unsure how much color powder you need for your event, Color Powder Supply also makes it possible for you to return the unopened color packets that are left over. We will return 75 percent of the value to you, helping you save money and reduce waste by passing your unused color powder on to someone else who can use it.



    Bulk Color Powder

    Color powder is increasingly popular for events like concerts, Holi festivals, color race-runs fundraisers, and even family parties. But there is no reason to spend more money on lots of individual packets. Color Powder Supply offers plenty of options for ordering bulk color powder. You can purchase large amounts of one color or put together a bulk order in a variety of colors. All of our available discounts apply to our bulk color order options, saving you even more money when shopping for a big event.


    Color Powder Packets

    Our color powder packets are a wonderful way to buy high volumes of individual color powder for your event needs. You can choose to get all one color, or you can mix it up and buy a variety. These beautiful color packets are a fantastic way to celebrate with your family and friends and are made from FDA approved ingredients that are safe for you and the environment. Because of the high quality formula, our color powder is completely safe and will not leave stains behind on your skin, clothing, or surroundings.


    Holi Festival Powder

    Our Holi powder is a favorite of many who celebrate Holi, with a range of beautiful colors available in small or bulk sizes at affordable prices. Since our color powder is made from safe dyes and other natural ingredients, you can be absolutely sure that your Holi celebration will be safe and healthy, as well as beautiful. Whether you are looking for a variety of individual color packets or large amounts of color powder, we have all the options to make your holy day an occasion of joy and celebration.


    Gender Reveal Powder

    Our color powder options for gender reveals allow you to order as much or as little as you need to make your big announcement. If you want to release color powder over your guests or maybe make an at-home explosion, you can order pink or blue color powder in bulk. If an intimate gathering with your closest friends and family is more your style, you can opt for a small order.Since our color powder is made from the best ingredients, it is safe for children and pregnant mothers (please double check ingredients with your doctor), so you can be sure that your gender reveal is safe and as joyous as it should be.

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