Color Powder Extinguishers

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Looking to make a big impact at your next event? Then get ready for Color Powder Supply’s newest product! The Color Powder Extinguishers! The extinguishers are perfect for a big blast of color!

How to Use Color Powder Extinguishers 

The extinguishers arrive loaded with powder, pressurized, and ready to go, but don’t worry, there are three safety features installed to prevent accidental spraying. In order to spray the color powder, you first need to cut or tear off the zip-tie that keeps the pin in place, then remove the pin, and finally remove the plastic wedge from between the upper and lower handle, and finally, squeeze! Get ready to be blasted away with a vibrant spray of color!

color powder extinguisher for sale

Ready-to-Go Fun

The color powder extinguishers from Color Powder Supply Co. arrive fully loaded. All you have to do is open the box, remove the safety features, and spray! This ready-to-go product creates a big spray of vibrant color powder that is perfect for fun, laughs, and pictures!

100% Natural & Safe Color Powder

Color Powder Supply Co. is dedicated to creating natural and safe fun! That is why we only use US FDA and OSHA-approved ingredients in all of our products. Each of our color powder extinguishers are filled with the same non-toxic color powder found in our other color powder products. And even though they are pressurized, they have been tested and have been found to be a non-dust explosive. Please note that because it is pressurized content, these can only be shipped via ground methods, so please take this into consideration when planning your event.

Great for a Variety of Events

Our color powder extinguishers are great for color runs, gender reveal parties, DJs, music festivals, photo shoots, and more. You can even use a color powder extinguisher for extra color at your school fundraiser, youth night, field day, outdoor party, etc. No matter the event, a color powder extinguisher can be used to create a memorable experience. Your guests will walk away smiling and covered in color from head to toe.

Wide Range of Vibrant Colors

We offer extinguishers in a wide range of vibrant colors including purple, red, orange, pink, green, blue, and yellow color powder. Each extinguisher is packed with vibrant color powder that is sure to pack a punch at your next event.

Get Your Color Powder Extinguisher Today!

No matter what your event is, a color powder extinguisher can make it memorable. You can purchase mini color powder extinguishers and full-size color powder extinguishers from Color Powder Supply Co. today! Make your event a day to remember, with a color powder extinguisher.

color powder extinguishers for sale