Color Powder Packets

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    Pink Color Powder Packets (50 Count)

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    Blue Color Powder Packets (50 Count)

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    Green Color Powder Packets (50 Count)

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Individual Color Powder Packets


Use Color Powder Packets For A Variety of Events

Color powder packets are one of those things that can really kick up the fun factor at a wide variety of different events. From color runs and birthday parties to gender reveal gatherings and holi festivals, color powder is easy to use and fun for even the youngest participants. Fortunately for you, Color Powder Supply Co. is dedicated to crafting our fine color powders from the best, purest ingredients around. All our powders are made with FDA-approved ingredients that are non-toxic, and won’t stain your skin or clothing. Additionally, all our powders are vividly colored and are available in bright hues of greenblueorangepink, and yellow. With such a wide range of colors available, you’re sure to have a blast at your next event.



What Makes Color Powder Supply Co. So Great?

We are passionate about bringing joy to people’s lives and believe color powder is a great way to make that happen. Also, in addition to offering a wide array of colors to choose from, we offer a few different product sizes and prices to best suit your needs. For example, we sell our brightly colored, toxic-free, and totally safe color powders in 70-gram packets. Orders of blue, green, orange, yellow, or pink color packets are sold in 50-count packages, perfect for the next party you’re planning. Having our color powder in conveniently sized packets is a great way to let everyone get in on the fun at a gender reveal powder, color run, festival, or any other type of fun event you’re planning.



Safe, Fun-To-Use Products

As mentioned before, all our color powder products are safe and made from food-grade ingredients. This means they’re safe for everyone to use and won’t harm your skin. What are you waiting for? Browse our selection of color powder packets today, and place your next order.