Green Color Powder Packets (50 Count)


  • Brilliant Green
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • 50 Individual Packets
  • 70 Grams In Each Packet
  • Fast Shipping
  • Additional Discounts For Large Events


Green Color Powder Packets (50-Count)

If you are looking for vibrant green color powder options, our 50-count green color powder packets are the perfect choice for any of your color events. Each 70-gram individual packet means that everyone at your event can take part, whether you are hosting a color race-run fundraiser to raise awareness, joining in with a local celebration of Holi, or getting together with family and friends for a color war.

Our green color powder is not only beautiful. It is also derived from natural ingredients, such as dyes from flowers and berries. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that you will be completely safe while you celebrate.

All-Natural Ingredients

All our color powder products are made from safe ingredients derived from plants and other natural substances, and our individual green color powder packets are no different. Our powders are made from organic substances, like baking powder, cornstarch, and plant matter, so they will also not leave a mess — at least, not one that you cannot easily clean up.

The natural ingredients mean they are safe for your skin as well as your clothing and other surfaces. Plus, they usually wash out with just water. While color powder is intended for outdoor use in a well-ventilated area, our green color powder packets are also safe for you to breathe, without harsh chemicals or unnatural ingredients.

Discounts Available

Color Powder Supply offers a range of great deals for our customers to enjoy. We offer free shipping on orders over $50, which means that you can save money on big orders. We also value customer loyalty, which is why we offer increasing discounts for customers who return to our products again and again. Enjoy a 2 percent discount on your second order that will double to 4 percent by your third — and keep going up from there. Our customer loyalty discounts are a perfect choice for those who plan annual or regular color powder events, helping them save money both immediately and in the long term.

Even if you order too much color powder for an event, there is no need to worry. We also offer options that help cut back on unnecessary waste and get you some of your money back. Return your unopened color powder packets by mail, and we will refund you 75 percent of the original value. It is a terrific way to save money while reducing waste. We will pass your unused color powder along to the next person who can use it for their own event.

Our 50-count individual green color powder packets are hugely popular for events like Holi Festival celebrations and color race-runs fundraiser, especially since all our powder is made from safe and natural ingredients. Our ingredients list shows things like baking soda, plant dyes, and cornstarch, making them food-grade and cosmetic-grade. They are also FDA-approved and certified by OSHA as a non-dust explosive. In addition, they are nonflammable and safe for use in well-ventilated areas. This means you can be sure that the participants at your color event can enjoy using your color powder without worry.

Perfect for Events & Fundraisers

Color Powder Supply’s 50-count green color powder packets are not only safe, healthy, and beautiful — they are also affordable. Each packet costs less than a dollar and weighs 70 grams, making a bulk order of 50 cost just $49.50. It is a fantastic, economical choice for all your color powder events, so you can celebrate without putting a strain on your wallet. Since we offer a range of discounts and deals, you can save even more, especially as you return to Color Powder Supply for all your future color powder needs.

Our 50-count green color powder packets are an excellent choice for any of your color powder event needs, especially color race-runs fundraiser, Holi celebrations, and color wars. Because all our ingredients are derived from nature, they are a top choice for color events of all kinds.

Individual color powder packets are great for events with lots of participants, from a family vacation color war to a color race-run raising awareness for your favorite cause. Whether you are cheering others on in a shower of color at a fundraiser or celebrating the arrival of springtime and fertility, you can be sure that you are getting a great deal with our 50-count green color powder packets.

Enjoy your event knowing that by ordering from Color Powder Supply, you have chosen the best, most affordable, and healthiest way to add a gorgeous pop of green to your color event.

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