How to Plan a Virtual Color Run Fundraiser

Many in-person fundraisers have been cancelled or postponed due to COVID, but fortunately you can still host virtual fundraisers and have just as much success and fun. A virtual color run fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your cause while keeping everyone healthy. Our premium color powder will help you host a fun and colorful event.

What Is a Virtual Color Run Fundraiser?

A virtual color run fundraiser is similar to a normal color run fundraiser except it is entirely virtual. This means that each participant will “attend” the fundraiser from their home. Virtual fundraisers are popular right now due to the pandemic and a greater need for socially distanced events. A virtual color run is a great option to raise money for your cause while staying within state and local guidelines for COVID-19. 

How Do You Organize a Virtual Color Run?

Organizing a virtual color run is actually very easyperhaps easier than organizing a traditional in-person color run. 

Pick a Date: Begin by planning your event by deciding the day and time.

Choose a Fundraising Model: There are 2 primary fundraising methods used for color run fundraisers: registration fee and sponsorship. As the title suggests, raising money with registration fees involves charging an entry fee to participants. Raising money with sponsorships is when the organizers reach out to local businesses to sponsor the entire event, and/or each participant reaches out to friends and family to sponsor them as an individual participant.

Registration and Collections: Next, you will need to set up a registration form and spread the news about your virtual color run. You will also need a way to collect money from participants or sponsors. There are many options available for both. Google forms is a great free way to create a form that you can share through social media, email and text. Money can be collected via checks in the mail or brought into school, exchanging cash or check when distributing race kits, or other modern methods like Venmo.

Tip: It can also be helpful to set a registration deadline so that you will have plenty of time to order your color powder and you will know exactly how many people are attending. 

Create “Race Kits” to Distribute to Participants: Race kits will include the color powder used for the event, along with any other optional goodies you wish to include in each participant’s package (branded t-shirts, sun glasses, stickers, bandanas, etc). Color Powder Packets work best because they are individually sealed and easy to distribute, however, bulk color powder can give you a little more bang for your buck. Bulk color powder can be used if you have volunteers willing to distribute the color powder into baggies for race participants. 

Distribute “Race Kits”: As your event gets closer, you will want to organize a way to distribute color powder to race participants. Make sure the participants know the time and place to pick it up, or you can have volunteers deliver the color powder. 

Color Run Instructions: Ahead of race day, don’t forget to give participants any final instructions or tips they may need. You can encourage the participants to create a route using tools like to plan their race day route and map distances. Participants can recruit parents or siblings to toss color powder as they pass a station, or participants can choose to use the color powder separately in a photo shoot or video. Remind them to take photos and videos during their race and let them know where to send them so they can all be shared after the event. Feel free to send them our Color Powder Tips & Tricks Guide which explains clean up and how to throw color powder. 

Get Social: Although everyone will be separate for race day, it can still be fun and unifying. This is where it is important to let participants know where to submit their photos and videos so they can be shared with everyone. It will be a blast to look at the cool photos and videos everyone took. You can also consider having awards for best photo or video, best race times, or most creative photo.

How Much Color Powder is Needed for a Virtual Color Run?

We recommend using individual packets for virtual events. A good amount is 2 – 5 packets per participant, depending on your budget. However, you may want to include up to 10 packets if you want to have plenty for a photo/video contest. You can have the option at registration for the participants to pick how many packets they want ( Ex. Basic Package comes with 2, Gold Package with 5; Platinum Package with 10 packets).

If you choose to use bulk powder, we made it super easy for you to determine how much color powder you will need for your virtual color run with our Color Powder Calculator. All you will need to do is enter how many participants you expect to have, how many color stations you would like, and how much surplus you’d like in the event of having more participants than expected. 

Where Can I Purchase Color Powder?

You can purchase color powder right here on! We pride ourselves on supplying safe and certified color powder that you can feel confident in using for your event. All orders ship within 24 hours of being placed, and most arrive in 2 – 4 business days. Rush shipping is available as well. Check out our discounts page for information on current promotions and available discounts.

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