(250 Count) Color Powder Packets – Assorted Colors


  • Bulk Two-Hundred and Fifty Individual Packets Of Color Powder
  • Each Packet Contains 70 Grams (2.47 oz.)
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Colors include:  blue, green, orange, yellowpink, purple, and red
  • Fast Shipping & Free Shipping On This Item
  • Perfect For Charity Color Race-Runs, Holi Festivals, School Fundraisers, and more


If you are planning an event and you would like to add something interesting to get people talking, then we may be able to help with our bulk 250-count color powder packets. Each packet contains 70g of color powder individually wrapped, making them perfect for carrying around or passing out to a crowd. These packets will allow you to really brighten things up, no matter what kind of event you are holding.

Assorted Colors Provided

In our 250-count bulk color powder packets, you will receive a wide array of colors. Currently, you will find blue, green, orange, yellowpink, purple, and red. All of our colors are incredibly vibrant and will really make your event stand out.

Naturally Made

Many people will find themselves worrying about what these color powders are made out of. If you are worried about this yourself, then rest assured that our 250-count color powder packets are made completely from natural ingredients, so they will not harm you or the environment.

Common Events for Bulk Color Powder Packet Orders

There are plenty of events that could possibly benefit from a bulk order of color powder packets. Here are a couple of suggestions that you may find useful:

Charity Runs – If you would like to raise some money for charity and you are trying to think of fun ways to do so, then one great idea would be to hold a color race-run. These events are hugely popular and will definitely attract more people to participate. If you are planning an event like this, then a bulk order of color powder packets is essential.

Gender Reveals – Gone are the days of simply announcing the gender of your baby in a traditional method. These days, gender reveal parties are all the rage. If this is something that appeals to you, and you are planning a big party, then you will certainly benefit from a bulk order of our color powder packets.

New Year’s Parties – New Year’s parties have always been popular, but never as popular as they are these days. Everyone is competing to throw the best party of the year. If you are planning a party and you want to make sure that it stands out, then a 250-count order of our color powder packets would be a great idea.

Save on Shipping Costs

If you want to place a bulk order and you want to save on the costs of shipping, then you will be pleased to hear that we offer free U.S. shipping for orders over $50.

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in


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