(10 Count) Color Powder Packets – Assorted Colors


  • Ten Individually Packets Of Color Powder
  • Each Packets Contains 70 Grams (2.47 oz.)
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Colors include: blue, green, orange, yellowpink, purple, and red
  • Fast Shipping
  • Perfect For Charity Color Race-Runs, Holi Festivals, School Fundraisers, and more


Avid social media users will have undoubtedly heard about color powders and their many uses. We are able to provide bulk orders for all of your color powder needs, whatever type of occasion you are planning.

The Colors That We Can Offer

We are able to provide a number of different color powder packets. Currently, we are able to offer blue, green, orange, yellowpink, purple, and red. These exciting colors will allow you to create a brilliant visual display, no matter what event will be taking place.

All-Natural Ingredients

One of the best things about our 10-count color powder packets is that you are able to rest assured that we only use 100 percent natural ingredients. This means that there is no risk to you or anyone else using them.

Events That Would Benefit from Our 10-Count Color Powder Packets

If you are wondering whether our 10-count color powder packets are right for you, then you may be thinking about the different events that you could use them for. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Gender Reveal Parties – If you or someone in your family is expecting a baby anytime soon, then one of the things that you could use our 10-count color powder packets for is a gender reveal party. These parties are becoming increasingly popular, and our color powder can make the reveal magical.

Charity Color Race-Runs – Those in charge of fundraising events should definitely look into the idea of holding a color race-run. During these runs, participants are covered in the color powder as they reach certain points in the race. These races are fun rather than competitive, and adding color powder is definitely likely to interest more participants.

Parties – To plan a party that is really going to stand out from other events, consider adding a color fight. It doesn’t matter whether the guests are adults or children, everybody will love the idea of a color fight. Our 10-count color powder packets are a great addition to any party.

Save Money on Shipping Costs

If you would like to purchase our 10-count color powder packets, you may be interested in our offer of free shipping on orders over the value of $50. If you are buying in bulk, then your order may qualify for free shipping.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 1.5 in


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