Color Powder Squeeze Bottles – 24 oz – Empty (Set of 6)


(6) 24 oz. clear, wide-mouth squeeze bottles


(6) 24 oz. clear squeeze bottles. Made of durable yet flexible plastic, this bottle is easy to squeeze and allows for full color powder disbursement. Thanks to its innovative, wide mouth design, it’s also easy to refill and clean after busy each event. These bottles are commonly used at color race-run powder stations.

To increase the flow rate when squeezing the bottles, you can cut down the nozzle using tin snips or other heavy duty scissors until optimal flow rate is achieved.

Filling Tips:

  • Each 24oz. bottle holds roughly 400 – 450 grams of color powder, which equals about 1 lb per bottle.
  • Create your own funnel with a heavy stock, glossy finish paper (a magazine cover, or a cheap paper plate work well). Roll into a funnel shape and staple/tape together. Keep both openings as wide as possible while still fitting into the bottle.
  • Plastic funnels tend to have too small of a lower opening and don’t work well.
  • As you are filling the bottles, tap them against the table to help the powder settle in. This allows you to fit more powder in each bottle.
  • If filling from a 1 lb or 5 lb bag, cut the corner of the bag and carefully dump into funnel or directly into bottle.
  • If filling from a 20 lb bag, use a cup to scoop the powder into the funnel.
  • Plan to get messy! It’s best to set up a filling station outdoors if possible.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 7 in


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