Pre-filled Blue Color Powder Squeeze Bottles (350g)- 12 Pack


Shop our 12 pack of pre-filled blue color powder squeeze bottles for your color events! With 10 pounds of color powder, our pack can accommodate up to 100 people at color station.


Pre-filled Blue Color Powder Squeeze Bottles

Blue is one of the rarest colors in nature, but our blue color powder more than makes up for the lack! This bright blue color powder offers a high degree of saturation to stand out against any background, making it the perfect color powder for just about any situation, whether you’re attending a Holi festival or making some art.

Our pre-filled squeeze bottles make using blue color powder even easier, giving you more precise control over the amount of color powder you use, as well as where you place it.

Squeeze bottles even give you control over whether you’re going for a gentle pour or a more aggressive spray of color! Always designed to give you as much control over the color powder as possible, these squeeze bottles are perfect for a wide range of applications, reusable, and give you a fine level of control.

Exciting Ways To Use Blue Color Powder Squeeze Bottles

Here are just a few examples of the many ways you can use blue color powders – but feel free to think of your own creative ways to use it!

Holi Celebrations

Blue is one of the traditional colors thrown during Holi festivals, and a sign of your devotion to Krishna. Having these pre-filled squeeze bottles on hand make it easy to organize the event, give out color powder at refill stations, and create the beautiful clouds of blue color associated with the event!

There are tons of different ways to utilize a good color powder squeeze bottle on your

Gender Reveal Parties

Blue is a perfect color to use for gender reveal parties, along with our pink color powder squeeze bottles. These bottles make it easy to celebrate in style, load the powder into hidden capsules, and other ways to play with the idea of a gender reveal.


Bright splashes of blue color can add wonderful contrast to any photograph, while clouds of our high-saturation color powder are a great way to create amazingly dynamic and interesting photos in any setting.

Plus, squeeze bottles make it easier to combine different color powders for a multi-hued photo!

Why Buy Color Powder From Us?

All of our color powders and pre-filled squeeze bottles are made with high-quality natural ingredients and pigments. We never use chemicals or other possible irritants so that as many people as possible can enjoy our color powders.

Plus, with our high-quality squeeze bottles and the immense control they give you, you can let your creativity take the reins!

Always All Natural

Here at Color Powder Supply, we prioritize making sure all of our color powders are safe to use and 100% all-natural. That way you can feel confident in your color powder, no matter what color you use, and know that it’s safe for any event or space.


We offer both standard and expedited shipping to help ensure that your color powder arrives in good time for any event.

In addition, we understand that shipping times can vary widely from place to place, so we’ve also included a shipping map to show you the average shipping time in your area.

That way, no matter what color powder or color powder accessories you’re ordering you have more control over getting those products on time.

We also offer assistance for customers whose packages go missing as long as you report the missing package within 7 days of the confirmed shipping date from the shipping provider.

Discounts and Fundraising

We can’t guarantee a discount, but we are always happy to work with our customers to try and find a good price or program for your event. If you are concerned about the cost of color powder or would like to inquire about a discount for a fundraising or non-profit event, please always feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to discuss options.

We may be able to offer additional discounts on bulk orders.

Our Customers Make It Possible

As a small business, we are incredibly proud to serve our customers and know that you are what makes all of this possible. Thank you! Valuing our customers is incredibly important to us, and we are always looking for new ways to better serve our community.

You are what makes our small business possible, and we are ever grateful.

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Weight 10 lbs
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