Pre-filled Blue Color Powder Squeeze Bottles (350g)- 25 Pack


Shop our 25 pack of pre-filled blue color powder squeeze bottles for your color events! With 20 pounds of color powder, our pack can accommodate up to 200 people at color station.


Pre-filled Blue Color Powder Squeeze Bottles (350g)-25 Pack

The 25 pack of blue pre-filled color powder squeeze bottles is a perfect for all color events. We use them to hand out at color runs, color walks, school pep rallies, Holi Festival, and anything else you can dream up! Stock your color stations with the squeeze bottles to easily spray your guests with a pop of bright blue! The blue color powder is also the perfect way to introduce the news of your new baby boy at your Gender Reveal in a special way.

Made of All Natural Ingredients

All of our color powders are created with 100% pure and natural ingredients. We work hard to find the best plant sources for our beautiful shades so that everyone can enjoy!

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 11 in


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