Purple Color Powder Packets (10 Count)


  • Bright Purple
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • 10 Individual Color Powder Packets
  • 70 Grams Of Color Powder In Each Packet
  • Additional Bulk Discounts Available


Purple Color Powder Packets (10-Count)

Vibrant purple is the perfect choice for color events of all kinds. Whether you are celebrating a fundraiser, a color walk-run to raise awareness for your favorite cause, or partaking in Holi, the colorful Hindu springtime festival, our 10-count purple color powder packets are the perfect addition to your color event. There are countless ways to use these packets and include everyone at your event, making it a vibrant and perfect celebration. These 10 packets are not only beautiful but also made from pure, natural ingredients. This means that you can enjoy your day without worrying about your health.

Always Made With All-Natural Ingredients

Like all our products, our 10-count purple color powder packets are sourced from the finest natural ingredients. We make sure that our color powder is made with ingredients you can find in your home or in nature, such as baking soda, cornstarch, and dyes derived from berries and plants. This means that they are healthy for you as well as the planet.

Our color powder is completely biodegradable, making it a popular choice for color events from Holi festivals to gender reveals. It is also safe for airways and the skin and will not leave lasting stains on clothing or other surfaces. Our powder is quick and easy to wash away when your event is over. In fact, our color powder usually washes away with just water, making for a no-fuss cleanup. Because our color powders are made with natural food-grade and cosmetic-grade ingredients, they are FDA-approved, nonflammable, and certified by OSHA as a non-dust explosive.

Our 10-count purple color powder packets are excellent for whatever color events you have in store. Color Powder Supply offers a variety of amazing discounts that will help you save money while preparing for a great event. Right from the start, you can take advantage of our offer of free shipping on orders over $50, saving you money.

Additional Bulk Discounts Available

We aim to be your top choice for all your color powder needs, which is why we also love to reward customers who return to us again and again with our customer loyalty discount. Starting with your second order, you will receive a 2 percent discount. With your third, you will receive a 4 percent discount. The discounts will keep climbing as you place more orders, so they are a perfect opportunity for those who host color events on a regular or annual basis. Whatever you are planning, Color Powder Supply aims to save you money however we can while providing you with safe, healthy, and beautiful color powder.

We also know that it is not always easy to know exactly how to calculate your color powder needs. That is why we offer customers the chance to return their unopened color powder packets after their event. Send the remaining packets to us, and we will return 75 percent of the original cost to you. It is just one more way we offer you the opportunity to save money while reducing waste (so you can go green no matter what color you choose) and helping others prepare for their color events, as well.

Great For Color Powder Run Fundraisers & More

Our gorgeous purple color powder in 10-count color powder packets is an excellent choice for whatever color event you have in mind. The individual packets, each containing 70 grams of pure, naturally derived purple color powder, allow everyone at your event to be included. Color powder runs are an increasingly popular and exciting way to raise awareness for charitable causes. Our 10-count purple color powder packets make it easy to send down a shower of purple on the runners to raise awareness for your cause in an unforgettable way. Or you can organize a color war at your next family vacation for a fun surprise that relatives of all ages will enjoy.

There is no need to curb your creativity. Purple color powder can be used at whatever event you can dream up. Take part in a local celebration of the vibrant Hindu festival of Holi, where participants throw color powder over one another in the street to celebrate fertility and the arrival of spring. Organize a family get-together and surprise your loved ones with a color war that will be a blast for adults and children alike. Whatever you can dream up, our 10-count purple color powder packets are a perfect choice to make your next event memorable.

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