America’s Top Wholesale Color Powder Supplier in the USA

America's Top Wholesale Color Powder Supplier in the USA

Color Powder Supply Co. is officially America’s top wholesale color powder supplier in the USA! Customers continue to rave about our vibrant colors, bulk/wholesale pricing, fast shipping, and our FPA approved ingredients. It is only with your help that we are able to make this happen. So, thank you for making us the top wholesale color powder supplier in the USA.

Whether you are planning a gender reveal party, a Holi celebration, a fundraiser, a color run, or any other type of celebration, color powder can make it a festive and entertaining celebration. Color Powder Supply Co. carries a variety of colors, sizes, and accessories that make your party planning job a whole lot easier. 

Vibrant Colors

Color Powder Supply Co. has an array of vibrant color powders that are perfect for any event! We have green, blue, pink, orange, yellow, red, and purple color powders available in small packets and bulk sizes.

Trying to get that perfect gender reveal photo? Our vibrant color powders can make it happen. Not only do we have vibrant color powders, we also have a variety of color powder accessories. We have extinguishers, squeeze bottles, and even race kits (which include sunglasses, t-shirts, and bandanas). 

Bulk/Wholesale Pricing

Trying to plan a big fundraising event? Color Powder Supply Co. offers bulk/wholesale pricing; meaning you can order a bulk amount for your event! We offer free shipping to orders over $50. Not only that, but returning customers get even more of a discount. If you order with us for a second time, you get 2% off your total order. Order with us three times? 4% off! Finally, order with us a fourth time, and we will give you a 6% discount! Plus, with our buy-back program, you don’t have to worry about having extra color powder. We will accept returns on unopened color packets and refund you 75% of the original price!

Fast Shipping

We know that life can get hectic and last-minute planning can cause chaos, with our fast shipping, you don’t need to worry about getting your color powder on time. Almost all of our orders are filled on the next available shipment date. That means that 2-4 business days after placing your order, your color powder is at your doorstep. Even our bulk orders (300+ pounds) are ready in a timely manner, meaning you can expect your order to arrive 3-7 business days after placing it.

FDA Approved Ingredients

At Color Powder Supply Co. we are dedicated to providing you with the safest color powder. That is why we have worked to ensure our color powder meets all safety standards. Our color powder contains FDA-approved ingredients. That means our color powder is made of all food grade and cosmetic grade ingredients. It is because of this dedication to safety that so many festivals, organizations, and events have partnered with us over the years.

Color Powder Supply Co.

Whatever event you are planning, Color Powder Supply Co. is ready to help you achieve it. With our vibrant color powders, bulk/wholesale pricing, fast shipping, and FDA approved ingredients, it is no wonder that we are America’s top wholesale color powder supplier.

While we have always strived to provide our customers with a quality product, it is nice to see that others are taking notice. It is because of our customers that we are now the top wholesale color powder supplier in the USA. So for that, we want to say, thank you!

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