Color Powder for Your Summer Camp

Any event that incorporates color powder is sure to be a fun one. Summer camps are especially great venues for color powder events that every camp-goer will enjoy. Summer camps by their very nature are where childhood memories are made, so why not add field day events that use color powder to kick up the fun factor?

The Color Powder Supply Co. offers a wide array of brightly hued color powders for summer camp leaders to use in a number of ways, such as color wars, color slip and slide, fun runs, and other fun-filled events. As an added benefit, our powders are all FDA approved and made from all-natural, food-grade ingredients. They’re also affordable and sold in assorted sizes to best meet the needs of your events.

If you’re a camp counselor or leader looking for fun ways to incorporate color powder at your summer camp, check out a few of the creative ideas below that are sure to get all your campers involved.

Color Wars

For children and adolescents, few things are more fun than running around and showering their friends with handfuls of color powder. That’s what a color war is. Color wars are simple events to throw together for a summer camp because there’s little involved. Simply order the powder and put it in buckets or squirt bottles for campers to use. The overall point of a color war is to have campers cover each other in as much color powder as possible.

Color Slip and Slide

Slip and slides are fun on their own. However, if you add a bit of color powder, they’re even more fun. To set up this event, simply set up a regular slip and slide, add a variety of different colored color powders to the water, and let campers go crazy.

These are only a couple possible camp activities that can be done using color powder, and both can be made more fun if campers wear white clothing so the array of colors from the powder show up more vividly. As an added bonus, all the powders sold at the Color Powder Supply Co. are easy to clean up and won’t stain clothing or harm skin. All our products are nontoxic and wash easily from hair, clothing, or anything else the powder gets on.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your color powder today for this year’s summer camp activities.

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