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Color War Games for Summer Camp

Summer camp is a fun, frenzied time to spend time outdoors, exercise, and – if you’re hosting some energetic kids – play war games! War games teach cooperation, teamwork, and good sportsmanship, while also giving everyone an opportunity to run, compete, and win!

While you could play standard war games at summer camp, you could get creative and make each game more fun and visually exciting by integrating color powder. If you’re not sure where to start, read on; we’ll break down some fantastic color war games for summer camp in detail.

Color Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is a classic summer war game. The object? Attach a flag to one of the players, usually hanging around the hips, then have one team defend the flag carrier and another team attack! Whoever takes the flag and runs it to the goal wins!

Of course, you can mix things up by including an actual flag placed in the middle of the game field. Or, even better, you can integrate color powder.

For example, you can put some color powder into stockings or other containers, then use it to color tag or colorize the teams! That way, there’s no disagreement about who’s on what team, and everyone can instantly see which team another player is on.

Color capture the flag is super fun and much easier when you integrate color powder instead of using colored shirts, which can tear, stretch, and more. Plus, this prevents any intentional or inadvertent cheating, such as a player accidentally putting on the wrong color shirt for the wrong team. If you’re not sure what color powder to use, just pick some basic color powder packets and put them in stockings to get started.

color war games

Color Tag

Tag is a classic war game, especially for the runners in your summer camp. To use color powder in tag, simply have all of your players dunk their hands into buckets of color powder. Make sure the color you choose is a bright one, like red or yellow.

Then, the people tagging targets will easily be able to see if they actually tagged someone or if their last-minute lunch was a near miss. The players running from the taggers will also know if they were legitimately tagged or if they got away. In this way, color powder can be used to make your tag games more fun, exciting, and fair to everyone involved.

Color Freeze Dance

Does everyone at your summer camp like to dance? Integrate that into a war game with color freeze dance.

In a nutshell, the object is to assign players to two different teams, then have them dance their way across the floor. It’s a competition, so it’s still a “war game” in spirit if not in actuality. More importantly, your players have to dance their way across a dance floor with lots of color powder spots or colored dots.

The result? Everyone will get covered in bright colors in no time! More importantly, everyone will have fun and end up laughing.

Color powder squeeze bottles could be just the ticket to help you design your dance floor. The more your players dance, the more colorful they’ll become! However, color powder is easy to wash off skin and clothes, unlike paint or other coloring materials you might use.

Color Obstacle Course

Lots of summer war games call for obstacle course adventures. Set up an obstacle course with jumping puzzles, balance beams, and everything in between! But then, you can host a competition to see who can make it through the obstacle course without falling or touching any off-limits areas.

If you aren’t sure how to tell if a player touches an off-limits area, line some color powder along the obstacles. That way, for example, if someone accidentally touches a limbo beam when they’re trying to duck beneath it, you’ll instantly know.

Alternatively, copy the color powder idea from capture the flag and use it to mark team members. Then, have two different teams race across the same obstacle course to see who can complete it in the fastest amount of time possible. Remember, it’s about teamwork, so no one can be left behind!

Color Squirt Gun Battle

color war games

Looking for something more exciting and energetic for older kids at summer camp? In that case, you can create a war game that emulates gun battles. But instead of using a water squirt gun, why not make things more exciting with color?

The solution is color powder. Purchase some of your favorite water guns, but rather than filling them with regular water, add some color powder to the mix. Not only will this make every projectile stream of water colorful and shining, but it will also make it much easier for team members to know who they hit and who they miss.

For even more fun, have both teams in a color squirt gun battle use different colors of powder, like red and blue. It’s a smart way to encourage team solidarity.

You can get dedicated color powder blasters that are perfect for this kind of game, so you don’t need to worry about the guns jamming or filling with excess power. They’re easy to use and perfect for all ages, since they’re very similar to normal or classic water guns. Of course, remember to remind all the players in this war game to avoid the eyes!

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