How to Plan A Color Walk for Young Kids

This summer, make the most of your time with a fun color walk designed for kids. Color walks should be a fun activity open to people of all ages, so take the time to plan something that will engage and intrigue your campers, students, or children. 

Planning a Kid-Friendly Color Walk

Color walks/runs are meant to be fun for individuals of all ages; however, children don’t have as much endurance or as big of an attention span as adults. In order to get them interested and actively participating in events, it takes a bit more forethought and planning. At Color Powder Supply Co., we are no stranger to planning color walk events. So, we are here to help jumpstart your creativity with a few ideas on how to plan a color walk that is kid-friendly. 

Shorter Distances

As adults, a 5k (3 miles) race is not too much to handle. Our endurance is such that we could complete this with little training or planning. For kids, 3 miles is a long way. Instead of subjecting them to a typical 3-mile color walk, shorten the distance to something more manageable for their small bodies. One mile or less is usually more achievable for them, particularly if you are able to split it into four sections with breaks in between. 

Entertaining Events

As the kids complete each section of the walk, make it an entertaining surprise/event for them to celebrate. This color walk for young kids could include a short dance party full of crazy lights, color powder extinguishers, and music. Children love a good dance party, plus with a color extinguisher for each stop—they are guaranteed to have fun.

Make it a Competition

In addition to adding stops along the way, you can make it a competition. Split the group into color-coordinated teams and offer a prize to the first team that has all members finish the race. This can help create team bonds and community between the children. You can even take your color walk for young kids a step further and create fun rules with color packets that team members throw at one another. 

Turn the Color Walk for Young Kids Into a Scavenger Hunt

Instead of having a dance party at each stop, you can have a scavenger hunt card. Each station can be associated with a specific bulk color powder that the children are coated in. Then, as they walk to the next station they have to list all the objects, plants, and animals they see of that color on their card. Turning it into a fun game along with the color powder and walking is a great opportunity to get children out and appreciate nature.

Stay Safe with FDA-Approved Color Powder

Whatever sort of color walk for young kids you plan, make sure they are protected from toxic and hazardous chemicals by choosing an FDA-approved color powder. At Color Powder Supply Co., all of our color powders are made from organic, naturally-derived ingredients that are safe for kids. Plus with our fast shipping, free shipping on orders over $50, and multiple incentives, it is no wonder that Color Powder Supply Co., has become America’s top color powder supply company in the USA. 

Order your color powder supplies today and start off the summer with a fun kid-friendly color walk. 

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