Green Color Powder 5 lb (Medium)


  • Vibrant Green
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • One Individual 5lb Bag
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Green Color Powder 5 lb

There is nothing like a splash of vibrant green to liven up your next color event. Whether a color war is raging or runners are racing for a cause, our 5-pound green color powder is the perfect choice for small to medium events. With color powder made from natural ingredients and bright plant dyes, everyone can enjoy the event without worry.

Safe, All-Natural Ingredients

All our color products, including our 5-pound green color powder, are made from healthy, natural ingredients that you can often find in your home. There are no chemicals that will irritate your skin or airway. We use ingredients like baking soda, cornstarch, and dyes made from plants and berries. With our green color powder, you will get the purest possible ingredients. Since our ingredients are all-natural, they are FDA-approved and certified by OSHA as non-dust explosives. Moreover, they are not only safe for you and your loved ones. They are also safe for the planet. With food-grade ingredients, our color powders are biodegradable and nontoxic for the environment.

Our goal is to constantly refine our color powders to make them even safer for our customers. This is why our products are some of the top choices for color race-run fundraiser and celebrations of Holi. Our safe ingredients will not leave lasting stains on your clothing or your surroundings. After your event, wash with water to return everything to pristine condition.

Discounts Available

Color Powder Supply loves to provide you with color powder that is safe and beautiful. We also love to save you money by providing a range of discounts. Right from your first order, you can qualify for free shipping on orders of $50 or more. Returning customers can take advantage of our customer loyalty discount. On your second order, you will automatically receive 2 percent off. On your third, that discount will climb to 4 percent. The savings continue climbing with every order. This makes us a perfect choice for customers who host regular color events. These are great ways to save money while preparing your next colorful get-together.

It is not always easy to plan exactly how much color powder you will need for your event. We provide an easy solution for that. If you have unopened color powder left over after your event, do not worry. Simply put it in a box and ship it back to us. Then, we will refund you 75 percent of the original cost of your order. This is a terrific way to cut back on waste while saving tons of money. Moreover, it gives you the chance to pass your unused color powder on to someone else to enjoy.

Green Color Powder For A Variety Of Events

There are endless ways to use our 5-pound bag of green color powder. Just use your imagination, get creative, and have fun. Color powder adds more fun to your fundraisers, community events, and family get-togethers. At the next family reunion, put on a color war to add a twist to typical backyard games. Turn a local run for a cause into an unforgettable event by showering runners in every color of the rainbow. Everyone will have a blast raising awareness with excitement at the finish line.

If you prefer to get creative on your own, add color powder to your art projects or family photo shoots. It is even a popular addition to music videos. Color powder is a versatile product that makes it easy to have fun and get creative in a unique and personal way.

If you have the opportunity, take part in the colorful celebration of Holi. This Hindu festival takes place in the spring and celebrates fertility and community. It is a fantastic way to learn about a new culture while having fun with your community. The festival usually lasts two days, with lots of fun, food, and tossing colored powder in the air. You might even see people throwing it at one another. Holi is a chance to celebrate together in a colorful way while getting messy and having fun. Our 5-pound green color powder is ideal for the next Holi celebration in your area.

Whatever way you choose to use our 5-pound green color powder, you can be sure it is safe and beautiful. We offer great prices and discounts on bulk color powder to help you save money. When your order arrives, there are no rules. There is only one thing to do: Start getting colorful.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 2.25 in


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