Red Color Powder Packets (10 count)


  • Tomato Red
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • 10 Individual Color Powder Packets
  • 70 Grams Color Powder Each Packet
  • Additional Bulk Discounts Available


Red Color Powder Packets (10-Count)

When planning your next color event, look no further than our 10-count red color powder packets. These individual packets are the perfect way to turn a celebration into an unforgettably colorful event. Each packet contains 70 grams of safe, naturally derived ingredients for a total of almost 8 pounds of color powder. Everyone at your event can celebrate knowing that they are being exposed to only the best ingredients straight from nature. Our bright red color powder is the perfect addition to color wars, Holi festivals, or color walk-runs — or whatever other colorful celebration you can dream up! With 10 individual color powder packets, feel free to let your creativity flow in ways you never imagined.

Made From All-Natural Ingredients

There is no need for concern about the contents of our red color powder. Just like the rest of our color products, our 10-count red color powder packets are made from safe, organic ingredients that you can find in nature, not irritating substances or harsh chemicals. Our color powders are made from ingredients like cornstarch, baking soda, and dyes derived from plants and berries. You can rest easy and enjoy the celebration knowing that they are not only safe for you to touch and breathe, they are also safe for the planet.

All our color powder products are biodegradable and will not contribute to litter or environmental contamination. What is more, because they are all made from food-grade and cosmetic-grade ingredients, they are FDA-approved and OSHA-certified as non-dust explosives. Color Powder Supply’s top priority is safety, so we are always testing our products to find ways to make them even safer for our customers. Proper usage (outside in a well-ventilated area) means that our color powder will not hurt your skin, eyes, or airways. They will also not stain fabric or other surfaces, and they are extremely easy to clean. Most surfaces wash out easily with only water, so there is no need to spend hours cleaning after your event.

Additional Bulk Discounts Available

Another one of our priorities is making sure that our customers have access to the best, most beautiful color powder at the best possible prices. That is why we offer a range of discounts, so you can plan your next color event without putting a strain on your wallet. For example, you can enjoy free shipping on orders over $50. This is a terrific way to start saving money from the get-go. You can also be sure that you will receive your color powder products promptly in time for your event when you specify your shipping needs at checkout. With fast, free shipping, you will have everything ready for your color event in no time, all at an affordable price.

Color Powder Supply also wants to make sure that our quality, safety, and prices keep you coming back for all your future color powder needs. That is why our customer loyalty discount starts right away at your second order with 2 percent off, a discount that will only continue to climb as you return to patronize us again. This means that the more often you come back to Color Powder Supply, the more money you will save. This discount makes Color Powder Supply the perfect choice for those who are in charge of planning regular or annual color powder events, such as Holi celebrations.

We also know that when it comes to planning parties, nothing is ever certain — and it is definitely never predictable. That is why we make it easy to return your unopened color powder packets if you have excess color powder left over after your event. Just ship them back to Color Powder Supply. We will return 75 percent of their original value to you, giving you the opportunity to save money while reducing waste and helping others plan their own color events.

There are countless ways to enjoy our 10-count red color powder packets. Color powder events are growing in popularity, and there is no end to the ways to get creative and celebrate. You can take part in a celebration of Holi, the colorful Hindu festival of springtime, fertility, and togetherness, where participants rain color powder down on one another in the street. Or you can organize a family color war on your next vacation or reunion for an event that none of your relatives will ever forget. Whatever your plans are, Color Powder Supply’s 10-count red color powder packets let you be creative and celebrate in a safe, colorful way.

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Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 1.1 in


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