What Ingredients Are Used to Make Color Powder?

Color powder and color powder events are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. As we take part in these festivities, we are not usually concerned with our physical health; but should we be? Some color powder companies utilize toxic or hazardous ingredients in their color powder which are unsafe for humans. Instead of missing out on these fun activities due to safety concerns, why not utilize a safe color powder instead? At Color Powder Supply Co., we offer an FDA-approved color powder that is safe to use. 

How Are Color Powders Made?

Color powder is made in two main ways: with liquid and without liquid. When creating powder with liquid, manufacturers will mix the base, the dye, and either water or oil. Once all the ingredients are combined, the resulting “dough” is spread thinly and left to dry. After the disc is dried, it is pulverized in a grinder and turned back into a powder form. Without liquid, a dry dye is combined with a base and thoroughly mixed to incorporate it. 

What Ingredients Are Used to Make Color Powder?

Three main ingredients are used to create color powder—the base ingredient, the dye, and the liquid (if needed). When color powder was originally created, the dyes and base ingredients were made from naturally-derived plant sources. As new ways of developing pigment came into play, the naturally-derived ingredients were set aside and chemical pigments were used instead. Many color powder companies still use these chemical-based pigments and base mixtures because they are cheap to mass-produce. 

Pigment Ingredients

To create more vibrant and visually appealing colors, some manufacturers utilized pigments containing metallic chemicals such as copper sulfate, mercury sulfide, chromium iodide, lead oxide, and aluminum bromide. In other cases, the pigments came from industrial-based dyes designed for paints and not suitable for human skin/contact. This included malachite green, methyl violet, auramine O, and rhodamine B. 

Base Ingredients

In addition to the pigment, manufacturers wanted to create metallic sheens and shine by adding mica and occasionally ground glass into the base mixture. The base mixture could also sometimes contain mineral talc or asbestos. These contaminated base mixtures made for incredibly bright and vibrant color powder, but also exposed individuals to toxic materials. Because these ingredients are not safe for humans, many health concerns developed. Individuals would experience eye irritation, rashes, skin lesions, burning sensations, and other health problems.

Plant-Based Ingredients Used to Make Color Powder

After these health concerns reached the general public, people began to pay more attention to the ingredients used in their color powders. As such, there has been a shift towards using plant-based ingredients that are safe for humans. At the Color Powder Supply Co., we utilize only the safest and best ingredients to make our color powder. 

Stay Safe with Color Powder Supply’s FDA-Approved Powder

Our powders are made from organic substances, like baking powder, cornstarch, and plant matter. By using these natural ingredients to make color powder you’re protecting your skin, clothing, and other surfaces from chemicals that could be damaging. Don’t miss out on the fun and festivities of a color powder event because of safety concerns, use an FDA-approved color powder to protect the health of participants. Choose Color Powder Supply Co. as your safe color powder supplier. View our inventory and learn more on our safety page. 

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