The Best Summer Color Run Fundraiser Ideas

This summer, make your color run fundraiser one to remember. With some of the best summer themes and ideas to shake up your color run, The Color Powder Supply Co., is here to help you raise more money and create a memorable experience for your community. 

Shake Up Your Summer Color Run

Ready to take on the summer weather with an exciting new way to fundraise? At Color Powder Supply Co., we are constantly looking up new and interesting ways to engage the community. This summer we have compiled a list of ways to shake up your summer color run and turn it into a fundraising opportunity that no one can miss. 

Water Balloon Fight

At the end of a summer color run your participants are tired, hot, sweaty, and covered in color powder. Provide them an opportunity to cool off and continue the fun with a end of the run water balloon fight! Not only will this cool them off it gets rid of any extra color powder on their bodies and makes for a fun bonding period. 

Summer Color Run Ice Cream Party

As we mentioned, by the time color run participants are finished with their race, they will be exhausted and ready for some food and water. Give them another option with a big ice cream truck full of refreshing options for children and parents alike. Nothing helps you get over the summertime woes like a big scoop of ice cream filling your tummy. 

Choose a Theme

Lots of color runs utilize fun themes to bring even more of a playful spirit to the atmosphere. Choose a summertime theme such as: Beach Day Bums, Sea Animals, or Summer Camp to help runners feel even more excited. Let them dress up as a beach goer, a sea animal, or summer camp attendee and at color powder stops provide them with a fun pick me up that is on theme. 

Summer Color Run Fundraisers

In addition to the fun ways to shake up your summer color run, you can incorporate fundraising activities into the event. Charge runners an entry fee and have competing teams for the water balloon fight—whatever team wins has all the proceeds donated to their charity of choice. Already have a charity or idea in mind? Take the proceeds from the ice cream truck and put them towards your cause! Offer events at your themed run that raise money for the cause you have. 

Color Powder Products 

Are you ready to take your fundraising and color run events to the next level? Bring your community together with new and interesting color powder products! From bulk color powder to color powder extinguishers—Color Powder Supply Co. has it all! 

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What are you waiting for? Your color powder run and fundraiser is just around the corner. Order your color powder today!

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