What is a Color Run Fundraiser?

Fundraisers can be fun and interactive if done correctly. A color run is one way of raising money for charitable causes. It involves children running a predetermined distance, with event volunteers throwing colors at them as they pass. In addition to helping raise money for noble causes, a color run fundraiser also ensures that the children are enjoying themselves.

what-is-a-color-run-fundraiserSetting Up a Color Run Fundraiser

While organizers can choose their preferred distance for the color run fundraiser, it usually involves running 3.1 miles, otherwise known as a 5K run. You will also need to divide the overall distance of the run into four checkpoints, with each checkpoint assigned a particular color. 

Volunteers at each of these checkpoints would throw colors at the runners. Of course, each checkpoint will have volunteers waiting with a different color (green, blue, red, yellow, etc.) so that the participants of the run have all the colors on them when they reach the finish line. In addition to using color sprays or slime, organizers can also use color powder, which can be purchased via Color Powder Supply Co in small or bulk quantities. 

How Does a Color Run Raise Money?

Each fundraiser needs to have a cause that the community can then get behind and provide monetary support. There are multiple ways to raise funds for a noble cause through a color run.


One of the best ways to raise money during a color run is by teaming up with local businesses to sponsor one or multiple segments of the race. Since it’s all for a charitable cause, businesses in the area can place their full backing towards the color run. Businesses may choose to pay in the form of services (volunteers) or goods instead of direct financial investment. This is a valuable contribution as it could help organizers save money on some of the necessary items required for the color run.

Some businesses may donate to your fundraiser in return for the placement of their logo or other branding materials on the event site, such as a banner. With dedicated color stations/checkpoints set up across the path of the color run, businesses can be encouraged to sponsor one or multiple stations. 

By Charging Registration Fees

Color run fundraisers can be turned into a success by charging participants of the run a registration fee. This can be as small as $5 for a cause with a lower funding goal, while it may go above $20 for other causes. The fee should be able to cover the event expenses, including the costs of the gifts and prizes awarded to winners, the money spent on color powder, or booking the venue. To make sure your color run fundraiser has the maximum reach, make sure you open registrations early. 

What Causes Can a Color Run Fundraiser Benefit?

While there is no set rule for what causes a color run fundraiser can benefit, it is generally held as an interactive way to raise awareness about rare diseases, particularly those affecting children. It could also be a way of giving back to a community in distress (natural disasters) by bringing people together, collecting donations, and offering other assistance to help the people in the vicinity get back on their feet. 

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