What is Color Powder Made Of?

Many people wonder what color powder is made of. People want to know whether it dyes clothes or skin and whether it is safe. Our color powder at Color Powder Supply is made of ingredients that ensure safe use. Taking minor precautions will ensure that your use of color powder is as safe as possible.

What Are the Ingredients?

At Color Powder Supply, we make color powder with food-safe and cosmetic-grade ingredients. This should give our customers some peace of mind. Our color powder is safe to come into contact with. Still, it is inadvisable to consume any of the color powder, despite using food-safe ingredients and having FDA certification.

Does Color Powder Wash Off?

Our color powder uses dyes that you can wash off your skin with a quick shower or off your clothes with a washing machine. The one thing that is hard to wash color powder from is leather, so be sure to warn guests not to wear their suede boots. You likely do not want to wear anything that is not readily machine washable, but otherwise, color powder washes off easily.

Is Color Powder Safe?

Color powder is perfectly safe. Color Powder Supply powder has OSHA and FDA approval. Color powder is certainly safer than alternatives that fill similar roles, like fireworks, paints, and plastic confetti.

Still, you should take the necessary steps to ensure the safest use of color powder. Make sure no one is throwing it directly at people’s faces. Also, kids have a propensity to get excited when playing with color powder, so ensure they do not get inspired into heavy roughhousing. Also, ensure that wherever you are playing is free of hazards.

Is it Safe to Breathe?

Color powder is not necessarily the safest thing to breathe. Any contaminant in your lungs can lead to inflammation or other problems. That is part of why you should avoid throwing it directly at the face (you also want to avoid getting it in people’s eyes). People might want to wear masks or bandannas to filter dust out. Masks are especially necessary for events like color runs and color powder wars, where people are breathing more heavily.

Get Color Powder for Some Safe Color Fun

Now that you know it is perfectly safe, you should find ways to incorporate some color powder into your next appropriate event. People love throwing color powder for parties, holidays, or other outdoor activities. If you are in charge of organizing an event for a large group of people, devoting a block of time to a color powder war or run is engaging. Check out our online inventory of color powder available for sale.

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    1. Our formula uses simple and 100% natural ingredients, including Corn Starch and Natural dyes. It is free of harsh chemicals, heavy metals, and all other toxic ingredients. You can learn more about our color powder safety here

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