How to Make Color Powder Balloons

Color powder balloons work for all kinds of occasions. People use them for gender reveal parties, color runs, and all sorts of celebrations. A color powder balloon is an inflated balloon filled with color powder for a dramatic effect when you pop the balloon. It creates a beautiful photo opportunity and fun memories. Once you experience popping a balloon full of colored powder, you will wonder how you’ve gone without it.

Choose Your Color Powder

The choice of colors powder is vital. Many people like to use color powder balloons for gender reveal parties, with blue for boys and pink for girls. You can also fill balloons with your favorite color powder for any occasion. The color powder can make a fun surprise for anything from a birthday party to a retirement party, so long as the guest of honor is up for some fun. People also use color for Holi celebrations, and you have likely seen pictures of your friends after getting blasted with color powder on a color walk or run.

Purchase Balloons

You can use almost any balloon, though the bigger, the better. More balloons hold more powder and create a better effect. You can also get creative with colors here. If you are hosting a gender reveal, you might want to use black or other darkly colored balloons to mask the contents. If it is a birthday party, you could spring for some fun birthday balloons or use balloons that match the theme. Do not think too hard about the color. Once you and your guests are shrouded in clouds of colorful dust, you won’t be thinking about what color the balloons were. The most important thing is to get enough balloons for everyone.

Fill the Balloons with Color Powder

Filling balloons is where the fun begins. Using a plastic funnel, fill your balloons to the brim. When you pop them, you want a lot of dust. If you are in a pinch, you can make a funnel by rolling a sheet of paper so that one end fits in the balloon opening.

Inflate the Balloons

The best way to do color powder balloons is with helium. At most places that sell balloons, you should be able to buy a small helium tank. You can fill balloons with air, but you risk inhaling the powder. Also, having the balloons floating around the party as decoration looks better and makes popping them more fun, so helium is your best bet.

Pop the Balloons

As tempting as it may be, save popping the balloons for the party. Balloons are easy to pop — plastic cutlery does the trick and reduces the risk of anyone getting hurt. Of course, you and your guests should still be careful when popping. If you are hosting a child’s birthday party, maybe consider letting the adults do the popping while the kids run around. However you pop, someone should be ready to snap photos.

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