2022 Gender Reveal Trends Using Color Powder

People love celebrating gender reveals, which makes the 2022 gender reveal trends using color powder that much more exciting. Gender reveals are traditionally celebrated with colors representing the baby-to-be’s gender. The color powder works well for this occasion. You can fill balloons with color powder to keep it a surprise and then pop them for exciting fun.

Pop the Belly

One fun event to try out is a variation of the birthday party game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Instead, you set up a powder-filled balloon to resemble the pregnant belly. Then, guests can throw darts or compete to pop the belly in some other way. When it explodes and spreads pink or blue dust everywhere, your guests will love the dramatic presentation of your future newborn’s gender.

Color Powder Filled Confetti Cannons

Color powder confetti cannons are another exciting way to throw color without letting people in on the contents. Making color powder cannons is easy. You need a balloon, toilet paper tube, and tape. Here’s how to make it:

  1. Tie the balloon and cut the opposite end off.
  2. Wrap the cut opening around one end of the toilet paper tube and tape it there.
  3. Now, you should be able to fill the tube with your favorite color powder and pull the balloon back to let go and launch.

You can also use one of our proprietary color-filled extinguishers.

Exploding Sports Ball

Many companies make sports balls filled with color powder specifically for gender reveals. You can try to make them yourself. Then, at your 2022 gender reveal celebration, you can play a game of softball, tennis, or mini-golf. These sports balls are ready to give off color powder when hit. You and your guests can have fun, and they can learn a little about the newest addition to your family.

Scavenger Hunt with Color Powder Filled Balloons

The most classic way to use color powder for gender reveals also involves a scavenger hunt. Lead your friends on a scavenger hunt through your house, neighborhood, or city (if you feel adventurous). Along the way, you have them collect balloons. Then, in the end, they find a needle or some other way to pop the balloon and learn what color powder is inside.

Get Some Color Powder and Start Planning Your Gender Reveal

At Color Powder Supply, we have a whole inventory dedicated to gender reveals. You should browse your options and start thinking about how to incorporate these 2022 gender reveal trends using color powder into your party. You only get one chance to reveal your child’s gender to your closest loved ones, so make it memorable. Using color powder will make a spectacular show and photo opportunities that stand the test of time.

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