How to Choose the Best Color Powder Colors for Your Color Run

Planning a color run is a fun and engaging way to raise money for a cause, encourage community participation, and bring together a diverse group of people. Learning how to choose the best color powder colors for your color run is one of the many parts (if not the most important part) of planning a color run. With the help of Color Powder Supply Co. you can expertly decide which colors to use for your color run.

Choose Colors That Match Your Cause

Today, many Color Runs partner with local or national charities to raise money for a cause. This can include the Big Brother or Big Sister program, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Parkinson’s Foundation, or the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters. Each of these charitable causes is branded around specific colors that make them easy to identify in the community. For example, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is typically associated with a pink ribbon. So, if you are interested in raising money for this charity, you can purchase different shades of pink to match the cause. This is a creative way to bring attention to the cause within the event.

Pick Based on a Theme

In addition to charitable causes, some Color Runs are based on fun themes. These can include themes based around holidays—Christmas, St. Patty’s Day, Easter—or it can be fun themes you come up with—outer space, jungle, or circus. For example, an outer space theme can predominantly use blues, purples, and splashes of pink color powder. In contrast to a typical Color Run developing a theme can engage your participants even more!

Include Colors of the Rainbow

If you choose to plan a typical color run, go all out! A typical color run uses a variety of colors to paint participants in. When you do a Color Run you should choose colors that will really pop on the white clothing of your participants. Our suggestion is to use all the colors of the rainbow! Don’t limit yourself to a specific color palette, throw all the colors at the runners.

Choose Color Powder Colors with Your Runners in Mind

Planning a color run takes more forethought than you may think. You want your runners to have fun and take pictures to market the run for years to come. The best way to do this is to keep your runners in mind. What do they like? What do they enjoy? Did you throw a run for a specific demographic of people? Choose colors that compliment them! For example, if you are planning a color run for a specific school, choose the school colors! If you are recruiting people for a sorority or fraternity, select the colors that they are represented by! Think outside of the box, and find a creative way to bring people together.

Choose From a Range of Colors at Color Powder Supply Co.

Color Powder Supply Co. is America’s top wholesale color powder supplier in the USA. Customers continue to rave about our vibrant colors, bulk/wholesale pricing, fast shipping, and our FDA-approved ingredients. Make your next color run unforgettable, by selecting the colors that compliment your event.

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