5 Pep Rally Games with Color Powder

pep rally games

Pep rallies are an essential part of school spirit and community bonding. These energetic gatherings are designed to boost morale, celebrate achievements, and unite students, teachers, and staff in a spirit of fun and enthusiasm. Plan the perfect pep rally by incorporating colorful powder games that will not only add excitement but also create lasting […]

How to Plan the Perfect Pep Rally

plan the perfect pep rally

A pep rally can ignite school spirit, celebrate a big event, or boost support for your sports teams all while uniting students and faculty in a fun way. However, planning a successful pep rally requires planning, creativity, and teamwork. With these ten simple steps, you can easily plan the perfect pep rally from start to […]

Back to School Event Ideas

back to school event ideas

The back-to-school season is an exciting fresh start for both students and teachers. Start the academic year off with feelings of positivity and inclusion with intentional back-to-school events that build up your students and staff. Events tailored for back-to-school provide a unique opportunity to create a sense of excitement and community among students and teachers. […]

Color Powder Science Experiments

experiments for science teachers

Color powder is a fun and family-friendly material that can be used for summer sports, arts and crafts, and even science experiments! In fact, many teachers love to use color powder to break down concepts regarding color, light, and physics for their students. Hands-on scientific experimentation is highly important in education, especially when kids are […]

10 Back To School Must-Haves For Teachers

back to school for teachers

Back to school is usually an exciting time for kids and teachers alike, but getting ready for the school year can be a bit more challenging. Figuring out the must-have items for each year, the things you can do to help your kids feel valued and appreciated, and the things you can bring to boost […]

How to Make the First Day of School Special For Your Kids

first day of school

School is one of the most important things your kids are doing, and sets the foundation for their future learning habits and abilities. It’s a huge part of their development, and it’s important for parents to make sure they are setting the right tone for kids to thrive in school. It’s easy to get little […]