Color Powder Turkey Trot

color powder turkey trot

Thanksgiving for many means crisp autumn air, families bundled up in cozy layers, and the anticipation of a meal to remember. In the midst of this, there’s a tradition that is gaining popularity as an iconic part of this holiday – the Turkey Trot. This annual run, weaving through neighborhoods and parks, has become synonymous […]

Fall Festival Games With Color Powder

color powder fall festival games

Fall Festivals are an iconic event of the season. The air is filled with the scent of apple cider, laughter echoing through the pumpkin patch, and a sense of community that warms the soul. Fall festivals have a timeless charm, bringing people together to celebrate the season’s highlights. Now, imagine infusing this already enchanting experience […]

Fun Color Powder Halloween Costume Ideas

color powder halloween costumes

The crisp fall air is filled with anticipation of the excitement of Halloween as the spooky season approaches. Halloween is a time of creativity, personal expression, and fun! This year, take your costume to the next level with color powder – a trend that’s set to redefine Halloween traditions.   Let’s talk about the exciting […]

How to Plan the Ultimate End of Summer Party

end of summer party

As the warm days of summer come to an end, there’s no better way to close the season than by hosting an unforgettable end of summer party. An end-of-summer party is the perfect way to create lasting memories with your friends and family celebrating the joys of summer and looking forward to the cooler seasons […]

8 Color Powder Games to Liven Up Your Gender Reveal Party

8 color powder games to liven up your gender reveal party

Gender reveal parties are a fun way to involve your friends and family in celebrating one of life’s best milestones together. Gender reveal ideas range from simple to extravagant, finding unique gender reveal ideas has never been easier. Color powder gender reveal games are a unique twist on a traditional gender reveal that involves your […]

How Color Powder School Fundraisers Can Help Promote Fun in Education

It can be challenging to know how to add the next level of excitement to your school event, especially if it is one that happens year after year.  And it can be even more of a challenge if you are working within a tight budget!  Many options to enhance events, like special lighting or fireworks, […]

Is All Color Powder The Same?

discount color powder

Planning a gender reveal party, a color run fundraiser or other similar celebratory event requires some form of color powder. It’s natural to ask yourself if you can make these colors at home or if it’s safer to buy the color powder of your choice online. Safety is obviously a big concern for prospective buyers. […]

How Does a Color Powder Cannon Work?


Color powder has become a staple part of celebrating a family, group, church, or school event. Take your celebration to the next level with an explosive color powder cannon. At Color Powder Supply Co., we offer a wide range of color powder supplies; including color powder cannons. But how does a color powder cannon work? […]

Color Powder Events We Commonly Serve


While color powder is not something we often think about, it’s one of the most sought-after products for certain events, like gender reveal parties. However, this is not the only type of event where color powder is used. Given the versatility of a product like color powder, it can be used for practically any event. […]

Unique Color Powder Games to Try


Color powder is an essential component of some of the most popular events and festivities. It is used during the Holi festival by millions of people around the world. Moreover, color powder is also frequently used in birthday celebrations and gender reveal parties. Traditional color powder is made using a combination of chalk and other elements. […]