8 color powder games to liven up your gender reveal party

8 Color Powder Games to Liven Up Your Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveal parties are a fun way to involve your friends and family in celebrating one of life’s best milestones together. Gender reveal ideas range from simple to extravagant, finding unique gender reveal ideas has never been easier.

Color powder gender reveal games are a unique twist on a traditional gender reveal that involves your guests as participants rather than simply an audience – guaranteeing unforgettable memories for everyone involved.

Color Powder Balloon Toss Gender Reveal

You may have heard of a gender reveal balloon pop where the expecting couple pops a balloon to reveal a burst of pink or blue color powder. A fun interactive spin on this gender reveal game is to play the classic balloon toss game:

Prep: Have a trusted friend or family member fill a water balloon with pink or blue color powder and water.

Play: Have players form two straight rows facing each other. The first player is given the balloon, takes one big step backward, and tosses the balloon to the person they are facing. That person must catch the balloon without popping it, step back, and toss it to the next person – and so on.

This is a fun way to build anticipation and excitement about the gender reveal. Don’t be surprised if someone “accidentally” catches the balloon a bit too aggressively to pop it!

You can invite everyone to play, or if baby-on-the-way already has a couple siblings make it a family game while guests watch. The kids will love playing and feeling included in this exciting time.

Color Powder Scavenger Hunt Gender Reveal

A color powder scavenger hunt is a unique game to announce your gender reveal in a fun, interactive way:

Prep: The scavenger hunt should be played in a predesignated area; a park or garden is a great option. The organizer will strategically hide sealed cups or tubes of colored powder throughout the area, distributing the colors strategically and varying the difficulty level of players finding them.

Play: Guests are either divided into teams or can play individually. Everyone is given clues or riddles that will lead them to the hidden color powders. As players find each powder cup, they collect it and move on to the next clue.

The goal is to locate and gather as many color cups as possible within a specific time limit. Once all the cups have been found, players will gather together for a colorful powder throw finale, where the gender is revealed!

Color Powder Piñata Gender Reveal

8 color powder games to liven up your gender reveal

A fun twist on a classic party game, a color powder pinata is a gender reveal game that is as easy as it is memorable:

Prep: Purchase a pinata from a local party store and have a trusted family member carefully fill it with bulk color powder. Hang the pinata outside in an open area with plenty of space to swing. You’ll also need a long stick or broom handle, and a blindfold.

Play: The parents take turns being blindfolded, spun around, and swinging for the pinata. If the bun in the oven already has a sibling, this is a fun way to involve them in the gender reveal too!

Color Powder Relay Race Gender Reveal

Turn your gender reveal into an exhilarating race that involves your most competitive guests with color powder relay:

Prep: Set up a relay course with multiple stations. Purchase 2 color powder cannons (or DIY one with a paper towel tube filled with pink or blue powder and seal the ends).

Play: Divide your guests into two teams, with each parent being the last player for each team. At every station, participants must complete a challenge (like a cup stack or house of cards) before passing the color powder cannon to the next team member like a baton.

The final team member will make the grand reveal by popping the color powder cannon, announcing the baby’s gender with a burst of color and excitement!

Color Powder Twister Game

A colorful variation of the classic game Twister, this is a sure way to make memories at your gender reveal party! Use the color powder of your baby’s gender and play once announced or go classic pink and blue combo to keep the suspense until the big reveal:

Prep: Set out a Twister game mat in a flat outdoor space. Pour a small pile of color powder onto each circle.

Play: Play Twister as normal with a spinner delegating hand and foot placement of players. As players place their hands or feet on the designated circles, they will slowly be covered in the colored powders, resulting in vibrant patterns on their skin and clothing – especially when they inevitably fall!

Color Powder Tag Game

If your guests are the active types, color powder tag is a perfect game to get everyone involved at your gender reveal party:

Prep: Create a designated tag zone in an open-air outdoor area. Give each player a color powder packet or squeeze bottle that matches their guess for the baby’s gender.

Play: The guests round up on Team Blue or Team Pink to tag others with the powder. Once the game begins, the area will quickly fill with clouds of colored powder, covering your guests with pink and blue hues.

Your guests may come out with a clear favorite gender guess, or you may be surprised to see a more even mix. You can also play a free-for-all tag where individuals tag as many people as possible with their color.

Color Powder Corn Hole Game

A Color powder corn hole gender reveal combines the excitement of a gender reveal with the fun and competitive nature of corn hole.

Prep: Set up a standard corn hole game. Take four small fabric bags made of more loosely woven fabric and have a trusted friend fill them with bulk color powder in pink or blue.

Play: Organize a friendly corn hole match between two teams or individuals. Each player or team will take turns tossing their powder-filled bag toward the opposite board, aiming to get them through the hole for points. The color that emerges from the bag when it hits the target board will reveal the baby’s gender.

Color Powder Painting Game

Let your guests’ artistic side shine as they create a vibrant piece of artwork using color powder as paint that showcases the joy and excitement of the gender reveal:

Prep: Set up a large blank canvas in an open outdoor space on an easel or other secure structure. Using a mister, gently saturate the canvas with water or white vinegar so it is damp but not soaking wet. This will help the color powder stay in place.Hand out pink and blue powder squeeze bottles to guests, letting them choose based on their guess about the baby’s gender.8 color powder games to liven up your gender reveal


Play: Everyone can take turns squeezing their powder onto the canvas, letting their creativity flow to create a beautiful abstract artwork to hang in your nursery. Once the painting is complete use a clear acrylic spray to set and protect the powder.

You can also have everyone paint together at once! If your guests are the playful type this game might break out into a fun color powder war !

Color Powder Clean Up

Cleaning up could not be easier with our color powder. We use all-natural dyes that clean up from most surfaces easily by brushing or blowing off a majority of the color powder. Remove any lingering powder with standard dish soap and water to finish the job.

Your guests will likely get some color powder on them (if not covered head to toe) in playing these games. Our color powder does not stain skin, and easily cleans off of most materials – a little soap and water is all it takes! To wash the color out of clothes, wash just your color powder clothes together in one load in cold water, or you can save the color in your shirts for a unique keepsake.

Color Powder Gender Reveal Game Ideas

Using color powder games is a sure way to elevate your gender reveal party to an unforgettable level. These games are not only a fun twist on a new tradition, but they also create a vibrant and interactive experience that your friends and family will be talking about for years to come.

Embrace the joy these games will bring as you create lasting memories with your loved ones during this special milestone.

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