How Color Powder School Fundraisers Can Help Promote Fun in Education

It can be challenging to know how to add the next level of excitement to your school event, especially if it is one that happens year after year.  And it can be even more of a challenge if you are working within a tight budget!  Many options to enhance events, like special lighting or fireworks, can be costly and overall logistical nightmares.  Schools are now turning to event components that are budget-friendly and easy to deploy.  That is where Color Powder comes in!  It is an easy addition to events that adds to excitement, but is easy to arrange and clean up.

What Is Color Powder?

Color Powder is a light, vibrantly colored powder.  It is made of 100% natural ingredients like corn starch.  Color Powder contains all natural dyes and has no harsh chemicals, heavy metals or other toxic ingredients.

How Is Color Powder Used?

Color Powder can be thrown into the air to accent any special school event.  Small disposable cups can be filled with the powder to make it easy for volunteers to spread.  Color Powder is a great alternative to wasteful and harmful options, like confetti and balloons, that become litter or are harmful to wildlife.  Color Powder is cleaned up easily, and the use of recyclable or compost-friendly paper cups for spreading can make your event more waste-wise.

What Events Can I Use Color Powder For?

The possibilities of uses for Color Powder are endless!  However, Color Powder is not intended for indoor use in large quantities.  Take the fun outside where there is lots of ventilation and space!  Here are just a few ideas to enhance your events with Color Powder:


Looking to spruce up your school’s 5k or fun run?  Color Powder is an easy way to bring your race to the next level.  Have a color for each designated check point, mile marker or water station.  Encourage runners and walkers to wear white t-shirts.  Let the colors light up their shirt, and their day!


See off your school’s favorite sports team in style.  Whether it be a sendoff to a playoff game, or congratulations when they return home, your teams will be delighted to have this added part of the celebration.  Time color release to their first steps off the bus for a great celebration, and pictures!

Color Powder is also a great option to celebrate the return of the sport season.  It easily can be used at the beginning of a game to get your team, and fans, pumped for a win!


Color Powder is a great way to add enthusiasm to the announcement of your homecoming court.  It also adds awe to pre-homecoming outdoor bonfire events.  You can event invite alumni to partake in the fun.  Make an announcement of alumni returning home at halftime with a special recognition and Color Powder surprise!color powder fundraiser


Send your students home with a bang; of color that is!  Color Powder is an excellent end of field days and other school-wide festivals and activities.


Every graduation is picture-worthy, but imagine a huge pop of your school color in the background.  Trade, or pair, a hat toss with an explosion of color!


Color Powder can bring an extra spark to cultural awareness events at your school.  The Hindu Holi festival of colors celebration lends itself perfectly to the use of Color Powder.  Holi is a traditional celebration of the destruction of the demoness Holika.  It is a celebration that symbolizes the victory of good over evil, where colors are embraced during the party!


Students of every age can learn to both celebrate, and protect, the Earth with Color Powder.  Color Powder is a great tool to show students how to embrace environmentally-friendly practices into their everyday lives.  A Color Powder celebration is a great visual example of how what we do can impact the environment around us either negatively, or positively.


Color Powder is a unique medium to add for large scale art projects.  You can have many people participating in the creation of one piece of art.  Since small parts of color residue can be left behind in the use of Color Powder, it is an easy way to create whimsical body or hand art on a large canvas.  These pieces can even be displayed in your hallways or gymnasiums later!


If you think an art project with Color Powder would be fun, just imagine the amazing photography you could do with puffs for color!  This is a great idea for large or small groups.  It is also a valuable tool to use when teaching photography timing and extended release photography techniques.

What Should I Expect When Using Color Powder?

Get Approval

Before using Color Powder at a school event, make sure you have approval from your principal or the school board.  There may be other logistics to consider that you do not know about! Also think about how you will communicate to students (and/or their parents) about the use of Color Powder at an event.

Use Outside!

Color Powder is not meant to be used indoors or in places with little to no ventilation.  You will need space and good airflow at any event you use it.  Fields and parking lots are great locations!  Do not use Color Powder inside cars or other vehicles.

When Not to Use Color Powder

Color Powder can be easily cleaned up, but can leave stains on certain types of materials or colors.  Avoid using Color Powder around valuable clothing or shoes, in case an item does get stained.  Also think about the type of ground you will be standing on when using Color Powder.  Do not use it on expensive turf or tracks that may be difficult to get the powder fully cleaned out.

Safety First

Be careful when using Color Powder around someone’s face.  When using Color Powder, don’t throw the powder directly at someone, specifically in the face.  If Color Powder does get in an event attendee’s eyes, flush their eyes with water.  You can also encourage sunglasses at Color Powder events, or even provide them as a cool piece of swag.

Color Powder can affect event attendees with sensitive airways and lungs.  You should alert people with asthma/allergies that you will be using Color Powder in advance.  They can then take the precautions they deem appropriate.  In these cases, an individual can wear a dust mask, bandana or gaiter to avoid inhalation.  Color Powder will also send a sample of the product to any parent concerned about their student’s allergies or asthma.

Color Powder is edible, but is not meant or produced to be consumed.  If Color Powder is accidentally ingested by someone, make sure they drink plenty of water.


color powder fundraiser

How Do I Coordinate Use of Color Powder?

Organizing Volunteers

You will need to evaluate how many volunteers you need, given the type of event and how much Color Power you want to deploy.  Make sure to allow time to brief volunteers on the use of Color Powder prior to an event.  Make sure to include the “safety first” notes above.  Have a plan in place in case someone needs help removing Color Powder from themselves or a surface.  Your volunteer will need to be located in key spots throughout the event, and make sure they have enough Color Powder for all attendees to enjoy!

How Much Color Powder Do I Order?

See the Color Powder event calculator here.

How Do I Clean Up Color Powder?

Cleaning Up Color Powder On People

Color Powder feels like dirt and most amounts of it can be brushed off of skin and hair by hand.  A normal shower can get rid of the rest.  Fair skin can be tinted if a certain color of the powder is left on your skin for a long time.

Color Powder can be easily cleaned off of most surfaces.  Most of the powder can be blown or brushed off a surface.  Soap and water can clean up any remaining powder residue.  Any leftover powder will also go away in an outdoor environment in about a week with normal weather exposure. 

While Color Powder is washable, but can stain some porous surfaces like vinyl.  Always do a test before using a large amount for an event. 

Most importantly, do your part for the environment and allow time for clean up!  Let your volunteers know in advance that there will be some clean up duties at the end of the event.

Color Powder is a fun and creative way to add dimension to your school events.  The options listed here are just the beginning!  It is a tool that you will find your staff and students using time and time again to make your school special events, just that much more special.  For more information about Color Powder, visit

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  1. Hi! I organize a color run for our middle school. It is my last year & want to make it extra special. It’s not until April but hoping to get the products once you have a sale. Please keep me updated. I like to make good use of funds intended for our children. Thank You!!

    1. We love being a part of such fun and meaningful work, and we work hard to offer the highest quality color powder and the best discounts possible! Remember that we provide color powder discounts of up to 18% to different organizations. You may find out more information here

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