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Essential Color Run Supplies

At the core of every color run is the vibrant color powder. It’s the key ingredient that transforms a standard run into a colorful adventure. But what other color run supplies do you need to host a successful color run? Let’s explore how to not only meet but exceed expectations at your color run, making it a memorable event that people talk about long after the last runner crosses the finish line.

Color Powder

We know that no color run is complete without the color powder! Before you order, choose a reputable color powder supplier that prioritizes quality and safety. Then calculate how much color powder you’ll need.

It’s important to accurately calculate how much color powder you’ll need so your event is a color-packed hit. Calculating can be tricky but we have a color powder calculator to make an easy and accurate estimate. You only need to know your number of participants and how many color stations you plan to have – our calculator will do the rest! 

Squeeze Bottles Or Cups & Bucketscolor run supplies squeeze bottles

Those color stations will need a way to douse runners with color powder. Squeeze bottles offer a controlled way to distribute color, while cups and buckets are great for larger volumes or big moments (like the finish line). And you can reuse them for future runs and beyond.

Run Number Bibs

Each participant should have a run number bib. Not only does this help in organizing the crowd, but it also makes participants feel like part of a professional event, and can act as a memento of the run.

Cones And Course Markers

Clearly mark the course with cones or markers so runners know how to stay on course. A clearly marked run keeps runners safe and confident.


Wristbands can be used for identifying participants or as a method of integrating event access and perks. For fundraiser events, consider different color wristbands for standard participants and VIPs to offer more value for those who raise more funds. 

Folding tables

Every event needs folding tables. Have enough on-site for registration, color stations along the course, and possibly for vendors or post-run snacks and water stations.

Sound System and Music

A good playlist can keep the energy high. Equip your event with speakers and create a dynamic playlist that matches the fun and festive atmosphere.

Microphone or Megaphone

For larger events, having a microphone or megaphone helps in managing the crowd and making announcements.

Cleanup Station

Set up a cleanup station with air blowers, fans, and towels to help participants clean off excess powder before they head home.

First Aid Station

A clearly marked first aid station is essential for handling any minor injuries or medical issues that may arise during the event. Position your first aid station in a central, easily accessible location along the route, preferably at the start/finish line and midway point if it’s a longer course. 

Staff the station with qualified medical personnel such as nurses, paramedics, or trained first aid responders. Volunteers should also be trained in basic first aid and CPR to provide immediate assistance if needed. Prepare for potential emergencies by having a clear protocol in place.

The Finish Line: More Than Just the End

The finish line of a color run is not just the end of the course; it’s a place of celebration, achievement, and making memories. The finish line is the perfect place to help each participant feel like a part of something bigger. Here’s what you need to consider to make your finish line exhilarating and welcoming:

  • Arch or Banner: Create an eye-catching finish line using a colorful arch or banner. This can be branded with the event’s logo, sponsors, and date, serving as a great backdrop for photos.
  • Color Blast: As a signature element of a color run, organize a final color blast at the finish line, where volunteers douse runners in color as they complete the course. This creates a dynamic and photogenic moment.
  • Confetti and Streamers: Use biodegradable confetti or streamers for an added festive effect when participants cross the finish line.
  • Music and MC: Keep the energy high at the finish line with upbeat music and an MC to congratulate participants, announce finishers, and keep the crowd entertained.
  • Cheering Squad: Organize volunteers or invite participants’ families and friends to form a cheering squad near the finish line. Their applause and cheers can provide a motivational boost and a warm welcome at the end of the run.
  • Refreshment Area: Provide a refreshment area near the finish line with drinks and snacks. Hydration stations with water and electrolyte beverages help participants recover after the run.
  • Rest Area: Set up a rest area with seating and shade where participants can relax, meet up with friends and family, and enjoy the post-run atmosphere.
  • Medal and Certificate Distribution: If your event includes medals or certificates, distribute these at the finish line to celebrate participants’ achievements. This not only rewards their effort but also provides a tangible memory of the experience.
  • Medical Support: Have medical personnel available at the finish line, as this is where participants might need immediate medical attention after exerting themselves during the run.

Color Run Extrascolor run supplies color powder supply co

Upgrading your color run with the right accessories and extras can transform a simple jog into an unforgettable experience. It’s not just about the run; it’s about creating a festive atmosphere that lingers in memories and photographs.


Offering sunglasses not only protects participants’ eyes from the sun but also from the fine color powder. You can get creative with colors and styles, making them a fashionable accessory that participants will love to wear even after the event. We offer sunglasses for adults and kids in white, red, blue, green, pink, and orange


Bandanas are versatile and can be used to cover hair or as a neck scarf to keep the powder off. They’re lightweight and breathable, perfect for active events. Customize them with the event logo or date as a keepsake.

Sidewalk Chalk

Encourage creativity and interaction by providing sidewalk chalk along the route. Participants can write messages, draw pictures, or mark achievements as they progress. This adds an interactive element to your event, making it more memorable and photogenic.


Sweatbands are not just practical for keeping sweat and color powder out of participants’ eyes; they can also serve as a trendy sports accessory. Offer them in vibrant colors to match the theme of your run.


Custom t-shirts are a staple of many color runs because they serve as a souvenir of the event. Use high-quality, colorful designs that incorporate the date and location of the run. 

Choose materials that are comfortable and color powder-friendly, ideally white to show off the color powder well. Many participants preserve the color (and memories) in their T-shirts wearing them for years after the event.

Water Bottles

Keeping participants hydrated is crucial, especially during physical activities. Branded water bottles can be handed out at the start or sold as merchandise. They’re a practical item that participants can use long after the event is over.

Drawstring Backpacks

Drawstring backpacks are useful for participants to store their personal items, extra clothes, or any of the above extras. They’re easy to carry while running and can be branded with event details or sponsor logos, enhancing the promotional aspect of your run.

Portable First Aid Kitscolor run fundraiser supplies

Consider offering small, portable first aid kits, especially for longer runs. These can include basics like band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and blister patches. It’s a thoughtful addition that emphasizes safety and care for the participants.

Refreshment Booths

Set up stations or booths along the route and at the finish line where runners can grab quick snacks and drinks. Offer fruits like bananas or apples, granola bars, and water or electrolyte drinks. This keeps energy levels high and adds an element of hospitality to your event.

Photo Booth

Set up photo booths with props and backdrops at the end of the run. This gives participants a chance to capture fun memories with friends and family, which they can share on social media, boosting visibility for your event. A photo booth can be as simple as a backdrop stand selfie spot or as immersive as an inflatable color-changing room with a professional photographer.

Color Powder Packets

Including color powder packets in participants’ welcome kits is a great way to build excitement and immerse participants in the event. Color powder packets can even be a distinguishing upgrade from general to VIP participants.

Make Your Color Run Unforgettable

Whether you’re raising funds or awareness for a worthy cause or simply celebrating health and happiness, you’re nearly ready to host an amazing color run (or color walk!) that participants will remember for years to come. Get ready to create lasting memories, foster a sense of community, and infuse life with vibrant joy and activity.

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