Color Powder War—The Next Big Event For Your School Or Youth Group

Color Powder War—the Next Big Event For Your School Or Youth Group

Are you looking for a fun activity for your school or youth group event? Make your next big youth group/school event unforgettable, by having a color powder war! A color powder war could be the next big event for your school or youth group.

What is a Color War?

A color war is a fun group/team game you can play outside for a fun youth group/school event. In its most basic form, the game is simple—kids (or adults) run around and throw colored powder on one another. The game earns its name from the colorful powder that everyone is covered with at the end. Basically, it is every kid’s dream. The opportunity to be messy, run around, compete with each other, and have a good time. 

General Guidelines

There are no set rules to a color powder war, but here are a few general guidelines you can use when setting up. 

  1. Designate colors. Each person, or team, is designated one color. 
  2. Determine the rules of the game. (Many youth groups/schools choose to follow capture the flag rules.)
  3. Choose your color-throwing method. This can include squeeze bottles filled with color powder, color powder balls (color powder is placed into stockings and thrown), use cups (players can refill their cup from a large container of powder), or use individual packets of color powder (these can disappear quickly).  
  4. Dress in white. Make sure everyone who is participating is dressed in white. This will make it easy to see when they have color powder on them. 
  5. Take lots of pictures! By the end of the event, everyone will be a walking rainbow of colors. Who wouldn’t want a picture of that? 

How Much Color Powder to Order

A color powder war can use up a lot of powder. So, it can be difficult to determine just how much color powder to order. In general, we recommend ordering ½ or 1 pound of powder per person. ½ pound of color powder typically ends up being around 8oz. This can fill up one squeeze bottle, two color powder balls, and around 2 (Dixie) cups. If you choose to use individual packets, we recommend ordering a minimum of four packets per person. 

Math not your strength? Don’t worry! We have a color powder calculator. After you input the number of people you are expecting, the number of color stations, and if you want extra (just in case), it will give you the total pounds you will need to order for your event. 

Color Powder Supply Co. 

Color Powder Supply Co. is America’s top wholesale color powder supplier in the USA. Customers continue to rave about our vibrant colors, bulk/wholesale pricing, fast shipping, and our FDA-approved ingredients. Make your next big youth group/school event unforgettable, by having a color powder war!

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