The Best Way To Throw Color Powder

As America’s number one wholesale color powder supplier in the USA, we get a lot of questions on what is the best way to throw color powder. There are a whole host of options available on our website, but people want to know what we recommend. Well, the simple answer is, they’re all great! Just for different reasons. Allow us to explain. 

Bulk Orders

When you purchase a bulk order of color powder, your supply will come in a giant plastic bag filled with color powder. The best way to throw this color powder is by digging your hands in and just throwing it! This method is perfect for large amounts of people who are all wanting to grab some color powder and have some fun. A large handful of color powder creates an amazing spray effect with places where the powder concentrates and soft sprinkles of color everywhere else. This is ideal for color wars, color runs, and Holi festivals! The color is more vibrant and you are sure to get some great pictures from it. 

Color Powder Packets

If you choose to purchase a color powder packet, then the precision is going to be a key factor when you’re throwing. Color packets are ideal for throwing short distances with precise applications. You can dump the color powder into your hand for more of a general application, but if you are looking for a precise line of color that looks like paint splatters—color powder packets are the way to go. You can simply tear the corner and wave the packet to throw the powder in multiple directions. 

Squeeze Bottles

The ultimate exercise in precise application is our color powder squeeze bottles. You simply fill up the squeeze bottles with color powder, direct them at an unsuspecting participant, and squeeze! The color powder shoots from the bottle in an epic spray of vibrant color—coating the person head to toe in a light spray of powder. You can aim and direct the spray wherever you want to precise applications onto particular people. 

Dixie Cups

Dixie cups are a great option for someone who wants to order bulk color powder but doesn’t want to get their hands dirty. You can simply dip your cup into the powder, fill it up, and toss it into the air. This method is great for color runs, where guests don’t want to get covered, but they want to toss color on their loved ones who are running. You get the same effect as a hand-thrown toss, without the messy clean up. 

Color Powder Cannon

Finally, we have the ultimate color-powder throw around. Our color powder cannons allow you to coat multiple guests in a large spray of vibrant color all in one go! Perfect for concerts or festivals where people are enjoying entertainment and you want to add a fun effect.  

Order Now From Color Powder Supply Co.

As you can see, there is no “best” way to throw color powder, because it is all relative! What effect are you looking for? How many people will be attending? Do you want to get multiple people at once? The “best” way to throw color powder, is to find an option that works for your vision. Thankfully, Color Powder Supply Co. is around to help you achieve the final look you desire. You can order any of the above mentioned products including the color cannon, bulk color powder, squeeze bottles, and packets from our online website. What are you waiting for? Purchase your color powder supply today!

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