How to Plan a Color Powder War

Learning how to plan a color powder war is an exciting and memorable experience for all involved. Throwing color powder is safe, cheap, and great fun. It works well for parties or programming for youth groups or summer camps. It will also make for some unforgettable photo opportunities. Planning a color war is easy. The main goal is that everyone involved is having fun.

What Is a Color Powder War?

A color powder war is what it sounds like: tons of kids throwing color powder at each other till they run out of powder (or energy). You can set up the color powder war however you want. Dividing the kids into teams can be fun, with each representing a specific color. You even get creative and come up with color powder spins on games like Capture the Flag or Freeze Tag.

How Much Color Powder Is Needed for a Color War?

The amount of color powder you need depends on the number of people involved. You can order color powder in bulk, for which we recommend at least a half-pound per participant. You can also buy squeeze bottles for easy dispensing. Otherwise, you might consider getting anywhere from 4 to 10 individual packets of powder per participant. It is better to end the day with extra powder than to run out before everyone finishes playing.

How Does a Color Powder War Work?

There are many ways to plan a successful color powder war. Be prepared for every plan to fall apart and for people to have fun anyway. Sometimes, you will tell your rowdy troops to get into teams or play with certain rules. These young color powder soldiers might just want to run around and get dirty. As long as no one hurts anyone, letting the kids choose how to have fun might be your best option.

Planning Your Color Powder War

Here are some key steps to getting your color powder war off without a hitch:

Choose Your Rules

Choose some ground rules. Start with essential safety rules, like not aiming at eyes and no actual roughhousing. You should also pick rules like whether or not you want teams and what kind of game or games you want to play.

Pick Your Guest List

The chances are high that you already know who is attending this color powder war. If you want to have teams, it might be best to pick the teams ahead of time so you can get to the games as soon as all your guests arrive.

Order Your Color Powder

Make sure you order enough color powder for everyone. You want about a half-pound per guest at a minimum, though more will never hurt. Check out our online inventory to get ideas of what kind of supplies you want. If you are planning a party for kids, you can get some color powder extinguishers for the adults to have fun. No matter what, make sure everyone enjoys themselves and knows that the colors wash out of clothes easily.

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