50 Ideas To Elevate Your Color Run Experience

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You’ve calculated how much color powder you’ll need and you’ve collected all the color run essentials and accessories. Now it’s time to elevate your color run event experience from fun to unforgettable. These ideas will not only make your color run fundraiser more fun but also more meaningful and memorable for everyone involved. Pre-Race Color […]

Why You Should Host a Color Run Fundraiser for Your School

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When it comes to school fundraising, creativity is everything. Gone are the days when bake sales and car washes were the only options on the table. An exciting way to raise funds that is sweeping the nation one school at a time is the color run. Not only does a color run bring in much-needed […]

Plan a Color Walk

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Color walks are vibrant events that bring communities together for a cause. Perfect for schools, sports organizations, and nonprofits, well-organized color walks can raise significant funds while promoting fitness and fun. Don’t be intimidated by the process, you can plan a color walk in four simple steps. The Basics of A Color Walk   A […]

Must-Have Color Run Accessories

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You’ve probably noticed that a Color Run isn’t the typical 5k race. Getting ready for an event with colorful powder throws calls for a bit of extra prep. Whether you’re a first-timer or just need a refresher, we’ve rounded up our favorite Color Run must-have items to have a blast at your event! 1. Race […]

The Hottest Fundraising Trend Of 2024

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Between all the raffles, car washes, and bake sales, fundraising for your school or cause can get a bit … predictable. However, there is a way to build genuine excitement and raise substantial funding. The secret is color powder. Color powder events are the hottest fundraising trend for 2024 and for good reason.   Why Color […]

Your Spring PTA Fundraiser Secret Weapon

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As spring days inch closer, Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) find themselves presented with a unique opportunity to liven up their fundraising efforts with the vibrant colors of the season. As the days get brighter and the colors of nature emerge, spring is the perfect time for a color powder fundraiser – celebrate the colors of spring […]

Host a Color Powder Fall Fundraiser

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Fall is a season that resonates with warmth, unity, and the vivid hues of nature’s transformation. It’s a time when communities come together to celebrate the beauty of change and make a positive impact on the world around them. Organizing a colorful fall fundraiser can capture this spirit and turn it into something truly extraordinary. […]

How Color Powder School Fundraisers Can Help Promote Fun in Education

It can be challenging to know how to add the next level of excitement to your school event, especially if it is one that happens year after year.  And it can be even more of a challenge if you are working within a tight budget!  Many options to enhance events, like special lighting or fireworks, […]

Is All Color Powder The Same?

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Planning a gender reveal party, a color run fundraiser or other similar celebratory event requires some form of color powder. It’s natural to ask yourself if you can make these colors at home or if it’s safer to buy the color powder of your choice online. Safety is obviously a big concern for prospective buyers. […]

What is a Color Run Fundraiser?

Fundraisers can be fun and interactive if done correctly. A color run is one way of raising money for charitable causes. It involves children running a predetermined distance, with event volunteers throwing colors at them as they pass. In addition to helping raise money for noble causes, a color run fundraiser also ensures that the […]