Thank you for using our Color Walk/Run Event Calculator.

Here’s what we recommend for your event…

About Your Event:

  • Expected Participants – 60 participants
  • Color Stations – 5
  • Extra Color Powder (to plan for a high turn out or spillage) – 5%

What to order:

For the event described, you will need a total of 30 lbs of color powder, or 6 lbs of color powder per station. Typically each station features a different color. Considering our bag sizes, this means you will need:

  • (0) 20lb bag and (2) 5lb bags at each station.
  • In total, you will need (0) 20lb bags, and (10) 5lb bags.

Thank you for your interest in our safe and certified color powder! For more information regarding our color powder, please visit the FAQ page, or reach out to us via phone, chat, or email at