7 Exciting Holi Powder Games For Kids

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The bursts of color of the Holi Festival are an iconic part of the rich culture and traditions of India that have captivated people worldwide. Introduce the joy and celebration of Holi to your family through these fun activities and games. What is Holi? Holi, also called The Holi Festival of Colors is an ancient […]

Holi Festival USA: Exploring the Cultural Celebration

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Holi, sometimes referred to as the Festival of Colors, is a Hindu celebration that marks the transition into Spring after the Winter months. Holi has been celebrated for millennia, and is also symbolic of the annual triumph of good over evil. Holi’s exact timing varies a little, corresponding to the Hindi month Phalguna. For example, […]

What is Holi Powder?

Holi (also referred to as Holika Dahan) is a widely celebrated festival with its roots in India. The celebrations signify the triumph of good over evil. It takes place annually in early March with plenty of colors lighting up the environment.  It’s impossible not to have come across videos or pictures of people decked in […]

2022 Holi Festival Guide USA

2022 holi festival usa

Are you ready to celebrate the end of winter? The festival of colors is almost upon us and it’s time to start planning. This year, the Holi Festival falls on March 19, 2022! And thousands of cities across the United States will join in celebrating the joyous holiday. It’s time to stock up on vibrant […]