What is Holi Powder?

Holi (also referred to as Holika Dahan) is a widely celebrated festival with its roots in India. The celebrations signify the triumph of good over evil. It takes place annually in early March with plenty of colors lighting up the environment. 

It’s impossible not to have come across videos or pictures of people decked in white clothing and applying colors on each other. Holi is considered a festival that brings together all communities in a vibrant and joyful setting to create long-lasting memories. 

Certain colors are used during Holi celebrations because each color has its own meaning as per Hindu religious texts. For instance, yellow signifies turmeric, a sacred condiment in Hindu culture. Blue represents Lord Krishna. Green is meant to indicate the beginning of something new or the start of spring. Lastly, red symbolizes fertility. Traditionally, Holi celebrations also include flower petals, but a majority of the people celebrate it with various color powders.

Today, Holi is celebrated across the world, and all it takes is color powder to set up your own Holi party in your backyard or other suitable venues. Since plenty of colors are involved, it is recommended to host Holi events outdoors if the weather permits.

Holi Powder: What You Need to Know

Celebrating Holi without color powder defeats the purpose of the event. In addition to being useful on its own, color powder can also be blended with water for added effect. Parents may also incorporate water guns for their kids to make the celebrations even more enjoyable.

Purchasing the right type of color powder can be challenging, given the sheer number of options available. Moreover, off-brand products usually don’t go through the rigorous testing regimen that ensures the colors are safe for use. Keeping this in mind, consumers are recommended to buy from FDA-approved color powder suppliers to carry out Holi celebrations without any health risks. 

To summarize, Holi powder is no different than color powder. But since colors come into contact with the skin during this particular festival, you should always confirm the safety of the product before buying it. Hosting a celebration like Holi takes planning and a handful of participants to achieve the desired impact. It is ideal for school events and picnics, or even in your home, provided you have a sizeable outdoor space.


Color Powder Supply Offers Safe FDA-approved Holi Powder 

For the reasons we’ve touched on above, the safety of the colors you get is paramount while conducting a Holi celebration. Color Powder Supply Co. has vast experience in color powder and related accessories. 

Our product portfolio includes standard color powders, color run powder, gender reveal powder, color powder extinguishers, and more. Our website features a range of options that enable you to purchase the right Holi powder in the comfort of your home. We also offer free shipping for orders over $50. Added to that, buyers who purchase color powder in bulk are eligible for even more discounts.

If you’re unsure about how much color powder to buy or how to plan a Holi celebration, our talented customer support team will be more than happy to help you out. You can get in touch with us via email at [email protected] or call us at 833-265-6771. We also have a smart calculator to help you estimate the quantity of color powder you need to make your event or activity a success. 

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