How to Clean Up After Your Color Powder Event

Color powder events are fun and engaging ways to entertain your family or community. However, it comes at a price—cleaning up. Cleaning up after a color powder event can be a hassle, and if you don’t know the right methods, your clothes, hair, and furniture can end up ruined. Thankfully, at Color Powder Supply Co. we have the experience to help your family learn how to clean up after your color powder event.

Dust-Off Any Items Brought with You

The first step when you get home is to dust off any items or clothing that are coated in color powder. If you participate in a color powder event then it is highly likely that you are covered head to toe in color powder. This includes your shoes, clothes, accessories, skin, and hair. Dust off all excess color powder as much as you can. This will help prevent the powder from transferring to other objects or locations around your home.

Care For Your Clothes Immediately After the Event

The next step is to care for your clothes as soon as you can. The longer your clothing stays covered in color powder the higher the likelihood of it becoming stained. In many cases, your clothing should be fine (especially if they are a dark color) but make sure you take all necessary precautions. Leather (particularly suede) is the one fabric that color powder seems to stain; so make sure to leave any suede clothes, shoes, or accessories at home. In general, the color powder is relatively easy to wash out.

Does Color Powder Wash Out Easily?

It depends on the type of color powder used at the event, but in general, the color powder should wash out pretty easily. If you are looking to increase your chances of not staining your clothing, try rinsing your clothes in cold water before running a wash cycle. After this initial wash cycle, you can wash your clothing like normal. Your clothes should remain clean and free of color powder, but if you see any run it through another cycle. In most cases, the powder will come out after a few washes.

Remove Color Powder From Your Hair and Skin

Have you ever seen those videos of people putting on face paint, only for their skin to end up dyed that color? Well, that isn’t going to happen here. Color powder is designed to come off of your skin and hair relatively easily. With a little elbow grease and some soap/shampoo, your skin and hair should be back to their normal color in no time.

Will Color Powder Stain Your Hair?

Nope! People with very light blonde/bleached hair may notice a slight tint of color at first, but the color powder will not permanently stain your hair. It may take a few extra washes to get some of the colors out, but your hair will be back to normal in no time. If you are very worried, try using a deep-conditioner before the run and wear a hat. These will prevent the color powder from getting on your hair in the first place.

Color Powder Supply Co.—A Easy-to-Clean Color Powder Supplier

At Color Powder Supply Co. we have designed a color powder that is specifically manufactured for color powder events. So, we know what a pain it can be to get rid of color powder from your clothes and home. That’s why we made sure to take convenience into consideration and design a color powder that is easy to clean off and wash out.

Now that you know it is relatively easy to wash off, you should find ways to incorporate some color powder into your next appropriate event. People love throwing color powder for parties, holidays, or other outdoor activities. Check out our online inventory of color powder available for sale.

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  1. Can you get in the swimming after a color war. Will it hurt the pool or any of the equipment.

    1. Our color powder uses all-natural dyes that clean easily off; however, we highly recommend that all colors be dusted off thoroughly before entering the swimming pool to avoid chlorine alterations.

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