Why You Should Try Color Powder Photography

Stuck in a rut with your photography? Why not try using color powder in your craft? This fun and explosive burst of color can contrast or heighten the movement that you capture on the camera. But how do you use it? What type of color powder should you use? And how do you truly capture the essence of the scene? In this article, we will discuss why you should try color powder photography and all the amazing ways it can increase your creativity.

What is Color Powder?

Have you ever seen vibrant pictures of people at a Holi festival? Have you ever participated in a Color Run? If yes, that is color powder! Color powder is a finely ground powder with pigment that creates different colors. Depending on where you buy it from, the powder has food-safe ingredients and an FDA certification. You can throw Color powder and use it in fun activities to bring bright pops to an otherwise dull backdrop.

How Do Photographers Use Color Powder?

With the increased use of social media, you have most likely seen photographers use color powder in their photography. Some photographers have their subjects throw the powder while they move in order to capture the movement more dynamically. Others will apply it to their subjects in strategic or bombastic ways. We’ve even seen some pet photographers apply it to the fur of an animal before having it run towards the camera—color billowing in the opposite direction. Each of these different applications makes for a captivating visual effect that engages the viewer.

What Type of Color Powder Do Photographers Use?

Depending on the type of photograph you are trying to capture, photographers may use different types of color powder. Some are more pigmented and designed for paint, while others are designed to be safe for humans to use. In general, photographers want to take the safety and convenience of their subjects into consideration. That is why most photographers use Holi color powder—it offers a brightly pigmented option that is safe for humans and animals.

In addition, Holi color powder is designed to wash out. While it can stain lightly colored clothing, for the most part, the color powder will wash out of clothing and fabrics. However, be forewarned that color powder—like all powders—can get everywhere (including on the photographer). So, make sure everyone involved in the photoshoot comes prepared.

How Do You Photograph Color Powder?

Make sure that your camera is on the automatic setting with a shutter speed as your priority for all outdoor settings. The shutter speed should be around 1/500th of a second—this ensures you are able to capture the lighting and the movement of the powder all at once. In contrast, if you are in a studio or are able to control the lighting, your manual adjustments should work. In both cases, make sure you utilize the burst mode of your camera. This will allow you to capture multiple images and play around with the results.

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