5 Tips for Using Color Powder

Whether celebrating Holi, throwing a gender reveal, or just wanting some excitement at your party, these 5 tips for using color powder can be the key to bumping your event to the next level. Using color powder correctly can mean the difference between just another occasion and a truly memorable one. Here are five tips for using color powder.

Only Use Color Powder Outside

This tip comes first because you need to ensure your event is at least partially outdoors. If you are hosting an indoor soiree, you won’t want to have to clean color powder out of cracks and crevices for days (or weeks) to come. Reserve using color powder for when you want to take advantage of some nice weather.

Choose the Right Colors for Your Event

Picking the perfect color of powder can be a challenge. Color powder comes in every color of the rainbow. If you have a specific purpose, like announcing a newborn’s gender, you may want to choose a color to convey that message, like blue or pink. If you want it for a party, you may want to get your color powder to match the other decorations. For a birthday, you can let the guest of honor pick the colors. There are many ways to figure out the right choice of color powder for your event.

Throw Color Powder Correctly

There are many ways to throw color powder, all suited to different occasions. The method we call “old reliable” involves opening the bag and letting everyone get their hands dirty, throwing the powder in the air. For a better presentation, you can fill small Dixie cups for your guests ahead of time. You may also like the creative method of filling squirt bottles with powder and letting your guests spray one another. People also fill balloons with powder ready to burst, so they can make clouds of color. Use one or all of these methods, and let your imagination run wild coming up with more color powder throwing methods to fit your event.

Get Permission Before Using Powder in Private Areas

If you are planning an event in a public or rented space, make sure management is okay with you and your guests throwing color powder on its premises. If it is on your property, you should still be courteous and consult the people who share the space. Overall, as long as you clean up, no one should have any problems with you using color powder to spice up your party.

Clean up After Using Color Powder

Most color powder is washable. Spray down whatever surfaces have it with water, and let your guests know the powder will wash right off in the shower and washing machine. Make sure to warn your guests to come wearing something they do not mind getting dirty, and you might also want to get people to take their shoes off since they can be harder to get clean.

Get Your Color Powder Today

At Color Powder Supply, we have products for all occasions. Most of our customers find what they need in our bulk color powder selection, where you can get all our colors in different quantities. Check out our main inventory to find something that suits your color powder needs.

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