How To Save The Color In Your Color Run T-Shirt

Color runs are a great way to raise awareness for a cause while also providing participants with a memorable experience. Keep the memories alive by setting the color into your color run t-shirt. With these simple steps, your color run t-shirt is sure to last a lifetime. 

Save the Color in Your Color Run T-Shirt

As a color powder company, we get a lot of questions about our color powder. Does it wash out of clothing? Is it safe? How vibrant is it? And while our color powder does wash out, many individuals want to hold on to their color run shirts as a keepsake. So, another question we get is—is there any way to set the colors to keep the beautiful t-shirts that were created? And the answer to that question is yes, there is absolutely a way to keep your colorful t-shirts looking vibrant and fun.

Keep All Powder on the Shirt

In order to keep all of the colors looking fresh and vibrant, you will want to keep all the color powder on the shirt. While your inclination may be to shake out the powder, or brush it off, resist the urge as best you can, because the more color powder there is, the better the outcome will be. If some powder comes off in the process of taking off your shirt, that is ok! Just be as careful and gentle as you can be. If you can, take your shirt off soon after your color run and place it in a Ziploc bag—this will give you the best chance at a super colorful end result.

Lay the Color Run T-Shirt Flat and Soak in White Vinegar

Once you have removed your t-shirt, and have returned home, lay the shirt on a flat surface. (Pro tip: if you lay the shirt on a moveable piece of cardboard, a towel, or newspaper, there will be less clean-up.) Once the shirt is lying flat, spray it with white vinegar until it is completely soaked. Keep in mind that as the color powder becomes wet it will spread out and stain the surrounding area—similar to tie-dye. 

Let it Dry

Once your shirt is nice and soaked through, leave it somewhere to dry. Make sure to keep the shirt flat as this will prevent the colors from meshing together even more. 

Iron the Dry Shirt

In order to fully set the colors into place, you will need to apply heat to them. To do this, we recommend ironing the shirt once it is completely dry. Because the iron can steam and cause the color run t-shirt to become damp, we recommend turning the shirt inside out and placing a towel between the iron and the shirt. 

Toss Your Color Run T-Shirt in the Dryer

Once you have ironed the shirt, toss it in the dryer! This will lock the colors into place, even more, ensuring that your shirt will remain colorful and unique for the rest of its life. (Please note: colors can fade with each wash, but they will not go away completely.)

Making a Lasting Impression at Your Next Event

Color powder events are an amazing way to get your community excited and leave them with a long-lasting memory (or color run t-shirt). At Color Powder Supply Co., we have a wide range of products that are perfect for any type of color powder event. With our bulk color powder, color powder packets, extinguishers, and more, your event is guaranteed to be memorable. All of our powders are made out of FDA-approved ingredients, making them a safe option for all events. Plus, with our fast shipping and free shipping on orders over $50, it’s no wonder we have become America’s top wholesale color powder supplier in the USA. 

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