Pre-filled Pink Color Powder Squeeze Bottles (350g)- 25 pack


Shop our 25 pack of pre-filled pink color powder squeeze bottles for your color events! With 20 pounds of color powder, our pack can accommodate up to 200 people at color station.


25-Pack Pre-Filled Pink Color Powder Squeeze Bottles

Our convenient and easy-to-use color powder squeeze bottles are ready to elevate your event! Put the vibrant, gorgeous pink color powder in the hands of guests and participants and watch the joy and excitement unfold. And with our 25-pack pre-filled pink color powder squeeze bottles, you can get more people in on the fun with less prep.

Amplify Your Event

Blast brilliant pink color at festivals, celebrations, parties, and more. If you can dream it, our color powder can enhance it! Let all the guests celebrate your next gender reveal, or plan an unforgettable birthday party. But don’t limit yourself — our pre-filled color powder bottles are versatile and so much fun you might start inventing uses for them.

Color runs are more popular in recent years. And when you experience one, you’ll know why. The vibrant and bold pink color powder makes a statement and will generate instant joy at your next run. Don’t forget to grab our 25-pack pre-filled bottles in other incredible colors!

Craft Something Original with Pre-Filled Pink Color Powder Squeeze Bottles

Take your arts and crafts game in new and fantastic directions with our pre-filled pink color powder squeeze bottles. The smart design of the squeeze bottles means you can make precision lines or bold statements. Let your creativity flow as you create mandalas, sidewalk art, and more. Photographers can experiment with color powder squeeze bottles to take brilliant statement photos or design intensely colorful sets.

If you’re a performer or an actor, you can incorporate the powder into your performances. Create temporary murals or use the powders in street festivals. See where your imagination takes you and add a little (or a lot) of brilliance to your world!

Safer Ingredients for You and the Planet

The safety of you and your guests is essential to us, so we fill our pink color powder squeeze bottles with cosmetic-grade and food-grade ingredients. Our dazzling and bright color powders are OSHA-certified as non-dust explosive and FDA-certified. As a result, all our color powders are skin-friendly and planet-friendly.

Party Time in Minutes

The beauty of 25-pack pre-filled squeeze bottles is you don’t have to stress over prep — we’ve done that for you! There are plenty of bottles to go around, so no one misses out on the celebration. And once you add these color powders to your plans, you’ll love watching the joy and excitement unfold. Let’s get colorful!

Why Choose Color Powder From Us?

All of our color powder is the highest possible quality made with natural ingredients and pigments. That’s important because we want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy our color powers, and we want to make them a stellar option for the widest range of people we can.

Our squeeze bottles help give you the organization, control, and more that you need to do incredible things with these powders.

Always All Natural

Here at Color Powder Supply, we prioritize making sure all of our color powders are safe to use and 100% all-natural. That way you can feel confident in your color powder, no matter what color you use, and know that it’s safe for any event or space.


We offer both standard and expedited shipping to help ensure that your color powder arrives in good time for any event.

In addition, we understand that shipping times can vary widely from place to place, so we’ve also included a shipping map to show you the average shipping time in your area.

That way, no matter what color powder or color powder accessories you’re ordering you have more control over getting those products on time.

We also offer assistance for customers whose packages go missing as long as you report the missing package within 7 days of the confirmed shipping date from the shipping provider.

Discounts and Fundraising

We can’t guarantee a discount, but we are always happy to work with our customers to try and find a good price or program for your event. If you are concerned about the cost of color powder or would like to inquire about a discount for a fundraising or non-profit event, please always feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to discuss options.

We may be able to offer additional discounts on bulk orders.

Our Customers Make It Possible

As a small business, we are incredibly proud to serve our customers and know that you are what makes all of this possible. Thank you! Valuing our customers is incredibly important to us, and we are always looking for new ways to better serve our community.

You are what makes our small business possible, and we are ever grateful.

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