Red and Purple Color Powder Packets Now Available

Color Powder Supply has been a top supplier of color powder packets for all kinds of color events. From color race-runs to Holi festivals, there are tons of ways to use our color powder to make your events brighter and more colorful, making them a day to remember. We offer individual packets or bulk orders of our OSHA-certified, all-natural color powder that’s not only safe for you, but also for the earth.

New Colors Added to Our Products

At Color Powder Supply, we have now added two new colors to our supply to take your celebrations up yet another notch. What are the two colors that are here to make your events even brighter? Rich, vibrant red and deep purple. These two colors are a great way to add an extra dimension to all your color events, no matter what they are.

Benefits of Red and Purple Color Powder

Just like all our color powder, our new red and purple color powder is made from all natural, safe ingredients. They are certified by OSHA and made with food-grade ingredients, like dyes made from berries and flowers. That means they are safe for everyone participating in your event. They’re safe for your skin and your airway, so you can enjoy the day free of worry.

They’re also totally biodegradable, which means that you can enjoy your event without worrying about its impact on the environment. There’s nothing like celebrating with every color of the rainbow while knowing you’re still being green!

Our color powder packets have become a hugely popular choice for color race-runs, Holi festivals, fundraisers, gender reveals, and more. Now you can add our red and purple color powder to your orders. Choose from our individual color powder packets for easy event distribution or go with a bulk order for a truly spectacular color show.

Just like our color powder in blue, yellow, green, and pink, our new color powder is water-soluble. That means that cleanup is a breeze. Once your event is over, just wash with water. It even comes out of clothes with a simple regular laundry cycle. There’s no need to slave over cleanup with our food-grade color powder. There are no lasting stains and no scrubbing, mopping, or stress. Once your event is over, you can be too.

Place Your Order Today!

Our new red and purple color powder can be ordered in bulk or in individual color powder packets. These packets each contain 70 grams of beautiful red or purple color powder. They’re perfect for events where everyone can participate.

Here at Color Powder Supply, we also offer tons of options for discounts on bulk orders and more. If you order more than $50 of color powder in any size, you will get free shipping on our dime. We also love to reward customers for coming back to patronize us again. That’s why we offer a 2 percent discount on your second order, a percent that will double each time you order with us.

At Color Powder Supply, we’re expanding the rainbow once again. Make your order today for our new red or purple color powder.

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