What is Color Powder Used For?

As America’s number one wholesale color powder supplier in the USA, we get a lot of questions on what color powder is used for. In general color powder can be used at almost any event you are planning. We have created a short list of all the different events color powder can be used at, and different ways it can be used!

Movies, Shows, Videos

Working to produce a movie, show, or video? Color powder is a great way to create eye-catching and impactful scenes. The vibrant colors pop on the screen and create beautiful imagery that can easily be used in promotional events. 

Holi Festivals

Every year in March Southeast Asians celebrate the festival of color known as Holi. This festival marks the beginning of spring and the end of winter. A very key feature of this event is the festive color powder that is thrown everywhere. This festival has become a world-renowned phenomena and many Holi festivals/events take place in the United States. 

Color Runs

Looking to add a little something special to your running event? A color run is a great way to get attendees and racers involved and taking pictures. With color stations set up along the course, family and friends can coat their loved ones in vibrant shades of color as they run their race. By the end of the race, the runner will be coated head to toe in a rainbow of shades and is sure to snap a quick pick of their fun accomplishment. 

Gender Reveals

We’ve all seen the videos of gender reveal parties. A mother cuts into her cake and finds it is colored blue. A father pops a balloon over his wife’s head and pink glitter rains down on her. Well, now you can have a creative gender reveal party with color powder. You can add it to a cannon, a squirt bottle, or dump it on the unsuspecting parents. You will be covered in the color of your new baby’s gender—which is sure to make for some great pictures. 

School Pep Rallies

School pep rallies are a great way to incorporate color powder. You can purchase the color powder of your school’s colors and shoot them into the air with cannons! Your spirited guests will scream with delight when their team’s colors rain down on them. 

Color Wars

Having a field day at a church or school? A color war is a great activity to incorporate into your fun-filled day. Color war is a delightful game where opposing teams choose a color and essentially play capture the flag—but with color powder. By the end of the activity all of the participants are covered in a vibrant hue and laughing.

Color Powder Dance Parties

Another awesome event you can have at your church or school is a color powder dance party! At the dance, you can set up stations where participants can fill-up dixie cups with color powder and throw them on each other. 

Art Projects

Are you an art teacher looking to set up a fun art project with your student? A color powder art project is a great way to have the kids participate in a fun, somewhat-messy, and hands-on project. You can have a giant canvas that all the kids get to throw color powder on, or you can give each child their own canvas and see what they come up with on their own. 

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